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How Regis24 Leverages the Best Company Data: Dealfront, the All-in-One Solution for GDPR-compliant Data

What Regis24 Achieved with Dealfront:


of B2B leads come from Dealfront


of all contacts come from the Dealfront Data Cloud


more contacts were enriched with Dealfront

We tested various tools, but none of them worked for us in terms of data quality and coverage as well as Dealfront.

Jana Pflug

Sales Development Manager @ Regis24

Get to know Regis24

As a credit agency and data tech provider, Regis24 provides its clients with reliable information for private individuals. From classic address sourcing and credit checks to inhouse AI-supported database technology, companies get all the data and technological solutions they need from a single expert source. Their goal is to make reliable decision-making easy.

Regis24 started out in 2003 as an address collection agency for law firms, which was a cheaper alternative to using the Office for Resident Registration. Regis24 considers itself a central contact point for banks, insurers, energy suppliers, e-commerce companies and more.

Regis24 uses Dealfront Target, Connect and Datacare for master data management, where they have an overview of clients or target companies, as well as for “classic” lead generation and new client acquisition.

With Dealfront, Regis24 has access to clearly formatted, GDPR-compliant data gathered from publicly available online sources.

The Challenge: Insufficient data quality

High quality data is vital in the marketing and sales sectors. But more stringent guidelines also come into play for Regis24. The Berlin-based credit agency isn’t just committed to ensuring high quality standards for their clients but also for the data sourced for their own client acquisition.

Regis24 was losing valuable time in new client research, lead generation, and prospecting because of all the manual search processes. This is when they started looking for a provider to solve their issues.

Their goal was to find a solution that didn’t just offer impressive data quality, but also truly GDPR compliant data with servers in Europe.

But this was where they came across their first hurdle. When Regis24 was evaluating Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) providers, those vendors’ promises of global data coverage didn’t fulfill Regis24’s quality requirements. During those trials with other providers, they came up against outdated and incorrect information. This didn’t just affect data enrichment but also hindered the search for potential new clients.

The Solution: Dealfront provides Regis24 with impressive data

With Dealfront, Regis24 found a solution that checked all the boxes. Our cloud software now provides the Berlin-based company with clean company profiles and high-quality leads which enriches existing customer data easily and automatically. Our GDPR-compliant go-to-market platform processes data exclusively on servers within the EU – a huge plus for Regis24.

Lead generation with Target

With Dealfront Target, Regis24 could automate new client research and lead generation. The sales team didn’t need to conduct manual research anymore or worry about missing out on potential business.

Regis24 was now able to find the companies that most closely matched their ideal customer profile (ICP), and could filter their search to narrow down the branch/sector. Through this search, the Berlin-based company could eliminate their existing customers which meant only relevant companies are displayed within the platform.

Dealfront also enabled Regis24 to tap into a new industry sector: e-commerce companies. Invoice payment (or purchase by invoice) is the most popular payment method in Germany, but also the method that carries the highest risk for vendors. Regis24’s can now reduce that risk for clients by thoroughly checking identities and delivery addresses for accuracy.

With Dealfront we didn’t just gain a well-rounded tool, but also personalized customer service, ready to help with our questions, and take our feedback into consideration with product developments.

Jana Pflug

Sales Development Manager @ Regis24

Query by Keyword and Industry

How did Regis24 go about finding suitable target companies for their e-commerce solutions? The company first conducted a search for “Shipping and Internet retail” industries. When that did not yield the optimal results, the company added the keyword “invoice payment”. This produced precise results displaying their target audience from the e-commerce sector! They also used the “Find similar companies” function to find other target companies that matched the companies they’d already found using our AI tool.

Industry: Shipping and Internet retail

Website Keyword: Invoice payment

Company Information with Connect

Comprehensive information that’s clearly displayed, and always current company information is exactly what Regis24 gets with our Dealfront Connect tool. Here, the credit agency can check mail addresses and find the right contacts.

The sales team saves a great deal of time, as information on their target companies for customer acquisition processes doesn’t need to be done manually. Instead, Dealfront Connect provides Regis24 with all the relevant data needed to get started right away. The sales team at Regis24 was able to decrease the time spent on sales preparation by more than 50%!

Even if companies approach Regis24 via other channels, they can still find out all the important facts and figures about a specific lead immediately and use this information to identify conversation starters for outreach.

Company search result in Dealfront Connect

360° Company Profile in Dealfront

Datacare – The Engine for Master Data Management

With the help of Dealfront Datacare, Regis24 can check how current their customers’ databases and the information within them are at any time. This gives them a full overview of all the master data!

What’s more, Datacare enriches incomplete company lists with any missing information. This includes telephone numbers and (email) addresses which are gathered from publicly available information sources using our crawler technology.

Not only data quality, but also the GDPR compliance and data storage in the EU was an essential deciding factor for us. Add to that the friendly customer service – it just works.

Jana Pflug

Sales Development Manager @ Regis24

Dealfront: Impressive quality and reliability

In Dealfront, Regis24 has found a reliable partner for several important industry sectors. The sales team can now focus their efforts exclusively on new client acquisition and doesn’t need to spend time on research. Also, the databases are enriched and maintained at lightning speed, and leads are generated with just a few clicks.

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