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The way to win deals in
the United States.Canada.Europe.Germany.Finland.the UK.Sweden.Denmark.Belgium.France.

Dealfront is the go-to-market platform that gives sales and marketing teams the data, applications, and insights they need to find leads and close deals.

Trusted by 10,000+ companies to find leads and close deals

Sales Prospecting

Identify and land your dream customers

Find the right prospects, accelerate sales pipeline and land your deals even faster.

Learn more about Prospecting
Learn more about Prospecting
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Buyer Intent Signals

Focus your time on accounts that are ready to buy

Reach companies that are actively searching or in need of your solution. See when a target account is on your website and get alerted when they are in the news, or hit a Trigger Event.

Learn more about Buyer Intent
Learn more about Buyer Intent
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Website Visitor Tracking

Generate leads from website traffic

Identify companies browsing your website anonymously, monitor target account’s activity, and get notifications when your deals are active.

Learn more about Web Visitor Tracking
Learn more about Web Visitor Tracking
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B2B Advertising

Reach your audience through targeted B2B ads

Spark interest in your brand, and ensure that your ads are seen, by using our B2B advertising platform to target (and re-target) your most valuable prospects.

Learn more about B2B Advertising
Learn more about B2B Advertising
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Go-to-market magic

Transform your business into a flywheel that constantly refines its own accuracy and performance. Discover more opportunities, qualify your leads, convert them into customers, and optimize your team’s performance. Bring the flywheel to life and watch the sales happen.


your total market


your revenue operation


your ideal buyers


your leads to deals

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Take your flywheel for a spin.

Deep data, deep insights

Dealfront draws from three channels of data: company databases, multilingual web crawling, and sales triggers. With deep data comes a deep understanding of how to reach your revenue potential.

30M+ companies

Tap into the most robust company database built upon a compliant trade register baseline to unlock your total addressable market.

89M+ contacts

Connect with the right decision makers in any company and engage them via email, direct dials, and business social networks.

200m+ trigger events

Qualify your ICP in real time and engage them at the right moments, using Trigger Events, intent signals, and web visitor events.

All revenue, no risk

With true compliance and transparency, there’s no need to worry about GDPR violations or privacy risks. Built for the highest European compliance standards, Dealfront collects from public data and trade registers, hosts its servers in Europe and shows you how its data was sourced.


ISO 27001

ISO 27701

Hosting and Data
processing in Europe

Built on Public and
Trade Register Data

Full Transparency
on Data Sources

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“We were especially impressed by the data quantity and quality. We tested various providers for the D-A-CH region, but this services stands out strongly compared to its market competitors. Our expansion into Germany and Austria has been successful thanks to Echobot [Dealfront].”

Johannes Felber, Strategy & Operations Manager

We win awards, you win deals

The Dealfront go-to-market platform is the result of the merger of two award-winning companies: Germany’s Echobot, a leading provider of sales intelligence, and Finland’s Leadfeeder, a best-in-class web visitor intelligence tool.

Bring your deals front and center

GDPR Compliant

Built & Hosted in EU

Deep B2B Data

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