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Our Platform, your Revenue Engine

The Dealfront platform creates a revenue engine that supports your sales & marketing teams along four stages of your go-to-market operation:

1. Discover

Unlock your TAM (total addressable market) by using our large scale, fully compliant EU data of companies and contacts.

2. Qualify

Drill down and prioritize your ICP (ideal customer profiles) using dynamic filters, Trigger Events and website buyer intent.

3. Convert

Reach the right buyers, with the right message, at the perfect time by using our deep data profiles and insights.

4. Optimize

Tap into our AI and machine learning algorithms to find B2B lookalikes to multiply your won deals.

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Our integrated products create a flywheel effect

Our integrated suite of SaaS products enables your teams to win leads and close deals.

Each product serves a specific step along the sales and marketing value chain. They are potent on their own but really powerful when put together.

Build lists of companies that match your ICP, contact key decision makers, and hit your revenue goals faster.

More on Target

Turn anonymous web traffic into real B2B leads and automatically send them to your CRM for sales teams to reach out and convert.

More on Leadfeeder

Get detailed information on your prospects, empowering you to reach out to the right accounts at the right time.

More on Connect

Check, clean and enrich the company data in your CRM. Remove outdated or incomplete records to maximize sales efficiency.

More on Datacare

Use IP based B2B advertising to target specific companies to raise brand awareness and accelerate your open pipeline.

More on Promote

Powerful cross-product use cases

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Build upon a solid data foundation

Dealfront data sourcing combines external and internal records to create the most complete picture for your customer interactions:

Trade registers

From the German Handelsregister, to the UK companies house and French Siren. We obtain high quality data on a daily basis directly at the source of truth.

Web crawling

A company’s website is a treasure trove of information: Contact details, detailed industry and service classification as well as technographic information is added.

CRM integration

If you (securely) connect your company’s CRM to Dealfront we will match, update and enrich your data with live information about your prospects, clients and contacts.

Website analytics

Install our tracking script on your website to learn about your visitor’s identity and behavior. This way you will know what to offer them and when to reach out.

Our advanced data processing and AI algorithms create a multitude of live data assets.

All data assets are automatically updated frequently and are interlinked within the Dealfront platform

Company data

Address and firmographic data from all of Europe sourced from local trade registers with info on actual legal entity incorporation.

Contact Data

Directors, decision makers, and employees with their job title, email, phone number and social media links.

Intent Data

Web visitor analysis showing your prospect’s interest and content consumed. Synced with company based Trigger Events

Financial Data

Filings and annual accounts on a data field level including revenues, earnings and other metrics enabling targeting by financial performance.

News & Social

News articles, press releases, blogs and social media posts about companies including a classification of 33 Trigger Event types.

IP to company

Large-scale data of IPs to turn anonymous web traffic to matched companies. Now even works with remote first and dynamic IP ranges.

Take your flywheel for a spin!

Generate high-quality leads and reach more sales-ready contacts with true compliant data.

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