Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack

Dealfront streamlines your working processes by integrating with your favorite sales and marketing tools. Work smarter, faster, and more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks.

CRM integrations

Your CRM is only as powerful as the data you send to it. Automatically create, update, and enrich your deals with accurate firmographic, intent, and contact data helping you to close more deals faster.

  • Automatically add new high-intent leads from anonymous website traffic to your CRM.
  • Sync actionable intent data enabling your sales team to personalize and prioritize outreach.
  • Continuously update and enrich your CRM with the most up-to-date company and contact data.

Two way integration


Two way integration


Two way integration

Microsoft Dynamics

Two way integration


Two way integration


Native app


Native app


Native app

Pisa Sales

Native app

CAS genesisWorld

Native app

Marketing automation integrations

Get the most out of your marketing efforts by gaining insights into which visitors are coming from your email campaigns and what actions they take on your website.

  • Reveal the individuals visiting your website from email marketing campaigns
  • Track the success of each campaign by seeing which visitors convert into customers
  • Provide sales teams with insights they need to fuel successful outreach

Active Campaign


Analytics integrations

Unlock deeper insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns by connecting Dealfront to your existing marketing analytics tools.

  • Visualize your Dealfront data on customizable interactive dashboards using Looker Studio
Looker Studio

Formally Google Data Studio

Collaboration integrations

Provide your sales team with actionable on-demand buyer insights in real time. Instantly send relevant insights to your company's messaging tool, so your sales reps have all the information they need to drive success.

  • Alert sales teams, in real-time, when a target account or open deal is visiting your website.
  • Identify upsell opportunities by getting alerted when existing customers show new buying intent.


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Don’t see your favorite tool listed? Use Zapier to automatically send Dealfront data to over 5,000 apps, including CRMs, spreadsheets, BI tools and more.

    Look what you can do with Zapier integration

    Zapier lets you connect with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

    Export new leads to Google Sheets

    Sync upsell or cross-sell intent data to any CRM

    Send new leads to any CRM as opportunites

    Get notified in Microsoft Teams when a target account visits your website

    Create Google Tasks when new companies visit your website

    Add newly identified companies to Intercom

    How we keep your data safe


    Hosting and Data
    processing in Europe

    Built on Public and
    Trade Register Data

    Full Transparency
    on Data Sources

    Data security is a top priority for Dealfront. We implement a variety of measures to keep your data safe. All our servers and data are hosted in Europe on Amazon Web Services in Ireland. We backup our customer data to make sure nothing ever gets lost. Our production infrastructure is built on fault-tolerant systems that ensure that customer data is stored redundantly across multiple data centers.

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