Website visitor identification

Generate leads from website traffic

See the companies that are already looking at your website and identify accounts that are about to be in need of your solution.
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Uncover opportunities in your current website traffic

Our tracking code, machine learning, and expansive databases come together to analyse your site visitors. Using domains, locations, IP addresses, and contacts we reveal what companies your visitors work for, even if they are working remotely.

Identify new sales leads

Turn anonymous website traffic into sales leads by revealing the companies visiting your website. Qualify the accounts with behavioral and firmographic filters and automatically create new deals in your CRM for best-fit accounts so your sales team can follow up.

Global Call Forwarding generated 60% more SQL's per month

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Spot buying intent from target accounts

When it comes to sales outreach, timing is everything. Create or import a list of target accounts and get notified when they visit your website. See what pages they have been viewing and use this information to personalize your outreach, with the right message at just the right time.

“Leadfeeder [Dealfront] has truly been a game-changer for our team. Knowing exactly which companies came to our site, when they visited, and what they were looking for has improved our outbound efforts and led to significant growth in our sales pipeline.”

Melissa Perry Marketing Director @ Cooleaf

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Get notified of deal activity

Before reaching out, be fully informed about what your open deals are looking for. Keep track of lost deals and know when they return to your website, allowing you to re-engage and close the deal. The seamless integration with your CRM ensures that all information is automatically synced, empowering you to personalise your outreach.

“We've been able to enrich over 700 companies in Hubspot with Leadfeeder [Dealfront] data, many of which were already in our database but we didn't know that they were coming to our site.”

Melissa Perry Marketing Director @ Cooleaf

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Reach out to key decision-makers

Engage with companies visiting your website by revealing accurate and compliant contact information of decision-makers within your target accounts. Instantly access names, job titles, departments, emails, and direct dials of key stakeholders.

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Retarget your hot leads

Unlock the full potential of your B2B advertising efforts with our advertising platform. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional remarketing by targeting not just one but multiple decision-makers within a company. Give your best prospects the extra push they need to make the buying decision.

Send Leadfeeder data to Google Analytics
Send Leadfeeder data to Google Analytics
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Unlock the full potential of your website traffic with:

CRM Automation

Automatically create new records in your CRM for high-intent accounts and enrich existing records with relevant intent data.

Real-time alerts

Get instantly notified by Slack or email when your target accounts or open deals visit your website. Quickly follow up and close that deal.

Powerful filters

Find your high-intent accounts with our advanced filtering system, featuring over 100+ acquisition, behavioral, firmographic, and CRM filters.

Google Analytics Connector

Transform Google Analytics into a B2B Marketing tool by enriching it with company, employee, and industry data.

“An essential tool for all B2B sales and marketing professionals. The setup and integration is straightforward. It took no time to get up and running. Data is clean and integrates nicely with our HubSpot CRM.”
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Alex Olley

Co-founder, Reachdesk

Other use cases

Whatever your business goals, we have the solution.

Sales intelligence

Find the right prospects, accelerate sales pipeline, and land your ideal customer even faster.

Buyer intent signals

Focus on prospects that show the highest buying intent.

B2B advertising

Grow your brand awareness, reach target accounts, and close deals with your most valuable prospects.

Generate quality leads from website traffic

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