Focus on prospects that show real buying intent

Reach companies that are actively searching or in need of your solution. See when a target account visits your website and get alerted when they are in the news, or hit a Trigger Event
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Identify the accounts you’re most likely to win

Boost your sales with intent data. Power sales and marketing teams with the right information at the right time, discover what your target accounts need and when it’s the best time to reach out.

Capture intent on your website

Track your target account’s activity in real time. Know exactly what they look at on your website and leverage this to create personalized outreach at precisely the right time.

“We are able to identify 1000 companies every month (and growing) that browse our websites but don’t sign up yet. ”

Kristina Fisherova Marketing Specialist at

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Reach out at the right time using Trigger Events and News

Never miss a sales opportunity again. Immediately see when a target or existing account has new demand for your product with 33 Trigger Events, including job offers, financials, new customers and partnerships, website updates, and more. Get alerts for relevant news or events to spot fresh, upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Then beat your competitors by being the first to sell.

“The clear structure of news about potential new customers within CONNECT makes selling so much easier. We can develop an individualized approach and immediately see if there is currently potential to sell to a company ”

Daniel van Lierop CEO @ „alivello”

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Spot buying signals within job offers data

Certain job positions imply use of certain products. With Dealfront you can monitor job offers to detect a potential need for your product, that comes along with the job ad they just closed. Within the job description of a particular company discover their tech stack, work environment and benefits, that you might be able to address with your offering.

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Drive growth and exceed revenue targets with:

Real-time alerts

Stay informed in real time with automatic alerts when your target accounts visit your website or hit a Trigger Event

Prospect prioritization

Hit your revenue targets faster by focusing your efforts on prospects that are already in the market for your solution.

Personalized outreach

Get ahead of the competition by creating personalized outreach campaigns based on website visits, 360° profiles, and Trigger Event insights.

Upsell & cross-sell insights

Increase customer lifetime value by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities with real-time website tracking.

“Additional to new business we also use Leadfeeder [Dealfront] to recognize intent signals within our existing customer base. This gives our account executives the necessary intelligence to reach their up-sell targets.”
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Jennifer McKeon

Senior Business Development Director @ JMJ

Other use cases

Whatever your business goals, we have the solution.

Web visitor tracking

See the companies that are already looking at your website and identify accounts that are about to be in need of your solution.

Sales prospecting

Find the right prospects, accelerate sales pipeline and land your ideal customer even faster.

B2B advertising

Grow your brand awareness, reach target accounts, and close deals with your most valuable prospects.

Discover accounts that are ready to buy

GDPR Compliant

Built & Hosted in EU

Deep B2B Data

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