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We prioritize data protection. Benefit from B2B data collected using Europe’s highest data privacy standards.
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We meet the highest industry standards



ISO 27001


ISO 27701


Hosting and Data

processing in Europe

Built on Public and

Trade Register Data

Full Transparency

on Data Sources

The truth about other vendors

Learn to see through the GDPR haze quickly:

100% of data processed within the EU

We ensure that all data is processed and stored on servers in the European Union. Also, your contract with us is subject to the strong EU legal framework.

Full transparency on data sources

In Dealfront, each record can be traced back to one or more specific sources, often with actual deep links to where the data was collected.

Built on public and trade register data

Dealfront’s data foundation is built upon official trade registers, enriched by public web data, and cross-referenced with directory records.

Your data is only visible to you

If you allow us to access your company’s CRM, website, or email, we will do so as a data processor under a DPA. Thus we won’t share your data with others.

Other vendors

They use international data transfer

Data may be transferred to countries outside of the EU and be accessible by foreign authorities. With other vendors, your contract might be subject to US law.

They hide their data sources

Personal data just “appears” without any information on how it was collected. Often this will include private numbers and datasets.

They resell data from their “community”

Other vendors resell data shared by and collected from their clients (you). If you are using those, you expose data of colleagues, customers, and partners.

They read and scrape your email

It’s a big security risk for your firm to allow access to vendors who can essentially read all of your emails, calendars, and internal contact directories.

Committed to True Compliance

We would like to explain the significance of true compliance to us and what it implies for you as a user of our data.

Our approach

Born in Europe, Dealfront was built with compliance, transparency, and privacy in its DNA. Unlike other platforms and tools, Dealfront understands Europe’s complex regulations and how to remain compliant without it affecting your earning potential. That way, we can offer data solutions that are not only effective but also align with our values.

Security at Dealfront
Our values

Yes, we will have fewer personal phone numbers and mobile direct dials than others—and that is ok! Because we don’t want you to disturb a family dinner or ruin your new relationship with a prospect by not being able to explain how you got their number. Data privacy is a macro trend that will only increase in the coming years. We want to help you uphold strong values while executing modern, future-proof go-to-market strategies.

Not only data quality, but also the GDPR compliance and data storage in the EU was an essential deciding factor for us. Add to that the friendly customer service – it just works.

Jana Pflug

Sales Development Manager @ Regis24

Unique compliance features

We want our clients to feel safe using our platform, tools, and data. This is why we are constantly developing new techniques and features to minimize processing needs and exposure while maximizing sales and marketing success.

Framed data access

You don’t need all your prospecting data in your CRM. This is just a burden if you have to care about accuracy, deletion requests, and information rights. Instead, you can use Dealfront framed data access: Within any system, your Users will see a frame of contextual, fresh, live data, which you only sync once the prospect is interested.

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Public source enrichment

CRM data that is stale or outdated has to be deleted or updated. Often data in CRM systems has been collected over many years. Dealfront can help you to refresh existing data and enrich records with public source URLs. This way, you can keep contacts that are still valid, even if you do not know anymore who once entered them into your system.

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Unified Blocklist and DNC

Data subjects might often want to object to their data being used in general and will be annoyed by having to opt out with many parties. Dealfront immediately responds to such requests, maintains a comprehensive blocklist, and continuously checks our records against public do-not-call (DNC) lists in many countries. This way, by becoming a customer, you can instantly clean your CRM and remove risk.

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We love to work with your inhouse or external counsel, because we are the only vendor they can truly recommend.

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Balancing interests

Learn why other vendors fail the test of balancing the interests of data subjects with their mass processing.

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