Maintain accurate company data

Check, cleanse, enrich, and optimize company data and qualifiers from your sales databases and CRM systems.
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Cloud-based data cleansing software

Quickly check and improve your data quality with our cloud-based data cleansing software.

Overview of individual data quality and individualized quality report

Liquidation comparison with deleted and liquidated companies

Detection of corporate form and address changes

Reachability check for email addresses and websites

Client analysis by company size, industry, and region

Calculation of attribute completeness

Enrichment of missing entries with over 20 enhanced attributes

Possibility to add manual entries

Keep your data clean, complete and fresh

Matching data assembled from multiple sources is challenging because the input data often needs to be updated or completed. Datacare uses machine learning to match the input data and the database records with no errors.

Keep your CRM up-to-date

Synchronize your data with the most up-to-date information from the Dealfront database and remove outdated information from your system. Avoid manual work with AI-driven improvement of your CRM data.

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Enrich your lead and prospect data

Add up to 20 additional attributes, such as industry, revenue, and founding year. Gain completely new insights into the structure of your target groups and customers.

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Clean your database and remove duplicates or faulty data

Create a clean foundation for your work and simplify the exchange of information between systems, departments, and business units by removing duplicates and inaccurate or outdated data.

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Reduce risk with data quality reporting

Avoid the risk of incomplete or duplicate information and determine the data quality of your systems. Your detailed Quality Report will show you where to take action to future-proof your data.

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“At aboalarm, we collect the addresses, fax numbers, and customer hotlines of tens of thousands of providers and continuously check them to make sure they are up-to-date. By comparing our data to the Echobot [Dealfront] database, we can decisively expand our provider database. This makes it even easier for our users to find and cancel local providers such as their gym or sports club with aboalarm.”
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Florian Schüle

Product Manager at Aboalarm

Update and enrich your data in four simple steps

1. Data import

Upload your company list with old data entries, or import a list from your CRM in the Dealfront Datacare tool.

2. Data check

Our database continuously synchronizes your data, and you will receive a detailed quality report.

3. Cleanse and enrich

False entries will be corrected, and double entries will be removed. Also, your entries will be enriched with additional attributes.

4. Data export

Export the updated, corrected, and enriched address list and import it cleanly back into your own systems.

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