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New Potential Customers and Powerful Selling with High-Quality B2B Data


What Wolters Kluwer Achieved with Dealfront:

New sales opportunities

Detected using “management change” trigger


less time spent on research

Boosted sales strategies

Using conversations starters based on insights

Using Dealfront Target, we can examine our specific target markets and discover new sales opportunities. Our sales team is thrilled about the data quality that they receive from Dealfront Target. This tool helps facilitate their daily sales routine and has proved to be a great asset.
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Jessica Bo Siedschlag

Product Management ADDISON @ Wolters Kluwer

Get to know Wolters Kluwer

The Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Deutschland GmbH, as part of the global Wolters Kluwer group, is an innovative software solution. They serve accounting, controlling, taxes and HR teams, as well as small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Germany.

In Europe alone, around 60,000 tax consulting firms and over 1,5 Million medium-sized companies work with software solutions from Wolters Kluwer.

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Deutschland GmbH has been using Dealfront to support their sales and marketing efforts. It is their tool of choice, helping them find new contacts using high-quality data. Their ADDISON product is distributed and marketed throughout Germany with the help of Dealfront.

The situation before launching Dealfront Target

In Wolters Kluwer’s search for more clarity, transparency, and speed they were led to Dealfront. Conducting routine activities like address qualifications–especially concerning decision-makers–they were often faced with intense research and/or manual updating. Sometimes they also faced data issues such as the duplication contacts for the same company. All this made new customer acquisition tedious, inefficient, and generally challenging.

Another concern they faced was compliance with GDPR policies when buying addresses. They had to take a step back and ask themselves an important question: How could we contact potential new customers without violating general EU data protection guidelines?

Reaching all their target markets with Dealfront

Wolters Kluwer’s goal with Dealfront Target is clear: Get more qualified leads and accurate contact information on their target companies.

The software provider uses Target for new customer acquisition and the tool helps them find important data like where those potential customers are and how to approach these leads.

At the beginning, Wolters Kluwer only addressed target customers in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. Using Dealfront Target, they were able to start singling out other branches as well. Now, they can use the filtering options to expand their reach with more tax firms that they can support with their software solutions.

When approaching potential new customers from all sectors, the company specifically opted for GDPR-compliant outreach and advertising of their products in the traditional way: by post! They also used Target to send interesting event invitations to promising companies in the financial sector or to those in their own accounting department.

Dealfront also gives Wolters Kluwer the option to set up sales triggers and the industry selection feature. For example, if there is a change in management, there might be more budget to implement new solutions in their departments – which is the perfect time for Wolters Kulwer to reach out about their products.

Dealfront Target has also been an efficient tool when filtering out companies that Wolters Kluwer no longer works with by putting them on an exclusion list so these companies don’t continue to show up in their searches. The prospector search tool combined with the exclusion function creates a highly accurate list of potential new customers.

We particularly like the dynamic nature of Dealfront. The team is young, and the products are incredibly innovative. If we have any questions, we can always give them a call. The (communication) channels are short and uncomplicated. We would definitely recommend Dealfront!
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Jessica Bo Siedschlag

Product Management ADDISON @ Wolters Kluwer

Clarity promotes efficient sales motions

Wolters Kluwer has discovered numerous new methods for gaining customers with Dealfront Target. The enriched addresses feature makes it easier for sales teams to actively approach potential customers at the perfect time. Using Target, Wolters Kluwer has also started working on implementing a social selling strategy by encouraging their sales teams to use the links to XING and LinkedIn profiles to connect with their target contacts. Sales triggers also boost selling strategies by giving the sales team conversation starters based on the insights from the platform. The sales team at Wolters Kluwer can now focus on contacts and addresses that have been pre-selected. Now, they can reach out to the right contact at the company with just a few clicks.

INSIDER TIP from Wolters Kluwer: Do a 15-minute Dealfront Target refresh every week! All the employees using Target meet once a week and refresh a query together as a team. Doing this allows for shared knowledge and motivates the employees to regularly use the tool on a daily basis. That way, they can increase their efficiency and make their jobs easier across the teams.

How Wolters Kluwer uses Target

With the help of Dealfront Target, Wolters Kluwer created powerful and dynamic B2B lead lists that simplify lead generation for their sales and marketing teams. Each query can be saved and they can set up a lead alert if needed. This alert automatically informs users by email every time a new lead is found, prompting teams to reach out to the lead.

Query by Industry

Wolters Kluwer wanted to use the term “outdoor” to narrow their search through the various industries in that segment.

Industry: Manufacture of sports equipment, Rental of sports and leisure equipment

Trigger Event: Profit increase, Capital change, New large order

Profit: >= 200.000 €

Query by Trigger Event

With the trigger event “management change,” Wolters Kluwer can now identify new selling opportunities for companies experiencing personnel changes which could mean a freed-up budget. They also included the trigger event “expansion,” noting that there might be beneficial organizational changes or extra budget for software solutions.

Trigger Event: Management change, Expansion

Employees available: Accounting Manager, Business Manager

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