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Dealfront is the go-to-market platform for Europe and we’re on a mission to give businesses the data and insights they need to win leads and grow revenue. And we’re hiring!
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How we hire

Our recruitment process is designed to bring up mutual understanding. It's not just about us getting know more about you.

Get to know us

We want to know about you, but we'd also love for you to get to know us too!

Recruiting is a 2-way street

The hiring process works both ways and we'll provide you with all the information you'll need to get started with us. Learn about your tasks, team, manager, and what it's like to work with us!

Be your true self

The best advice we can give you is to be yourself throughout this journey. You're the central figure so we welcome you bringing your authentic self.

Work and be yourself

As a remote-first company, we believe that our employees should have the flexibility to work from anywhere without compromising on work-life balance.

Remote first and always connected

A flexible and remote work environment helps bring together great talent and enables long-term success and work/life balance. Regardless of our physical location, we enjoy working together, respect different time zones and working models, and enhance our experience by regularly meeting face-to-face. 

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Stretch to grow

We operate in a fast-growing environment and in a world of constant change. This requires everyone actively finding ways to constantly learn, grow and adapt. There is great learning opportunity in trying, failing, and trying again. Progress is made through iterations. 

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Move the needle

Our passion for meaningful output is manifested in our success. We focus on things that matter and make a difference when we deliver the most impactful results. Delivering relevant results at scale is what will ultimately lead to our success.

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Cultivate different perspectives

Diverse perspectives lead to better results. To contribute fully, all voices must feel included and valued. This enables greater collaboration as we co-create solutions, positively impacting our company, our products, our employees and our ecosystem. We embrace different cultures, backgrounds and demographics intentionally.

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Openness earns trust

Communication and expectation-setting increase trust and alignment. Sharing information transparently and listening with empathy helps us better understand each other’s perspective. Honest and constructive feedback helps us grow; seeking it out leads to better outcomes.

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Our hiring process

While each role, level and speciality/group is different, our process typically has four main components:

Screening call

During this call, a member of the Talent Acquisition team will have a chat with a candidate to cover some questions about experience and organizational matters. We'll share more about the role and Dealfront's culture.

Skills Interview

Usually conducted by the hiring manager or someone you would be working closely with. Managers will ask skills-related questions pertinent to the job and provide more insight into the team, detailing what day-to-day activities will be like.

Take-home assignment

We'll send a brief with the details of a challenge to complete and present back to us. Candidate will meet with a number of people he/she'll be working closest with and will take them through findings from the assignment.

Culture interview

This interview will have a focus on culture and will help to picture how candidate may fit in culturally. Usually conducted by a member of the leadership team or a members of the team you would be working closely with.

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You can always bring your ideas

I think it’s great that you can always bring your own ideas to the table. What I like about product management is that we operate as an interface department between different departments and perspectives.

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Linda Mauch

Product Manager

Job that motivates for the future

Dealfront is not only incredibly dynamic but also very transparent—we are consulted on all decisions and processes happening at the company. I enjoy seeing how Dealfront adds real value to our customers. That shows me how important my work is and motivates me for the future.

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Linda Gehrig

Legal Executive Coordinator

Here you sell WOW moments

At other companies, you just sell a product. At Dealfront, you sell WOW moments! I stand behind our tools 100%, and it’s fun to sell them. Plus, I’ve got the best team with me, and there’s literally zero elbow mentality. I would choose to work at Dealfront anytime again.

content box author

Kevin Noé

Teamlead - DACH Midmarket

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