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32 YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to as a Sales Professional

Franziska Hör 18 January 2024

This article is also available in German.

Best YouTube Channels for Sales

As a sales professional, staying on top of selling trends and following successful sales representatives can help you pick up some tricks to add to your selling tool kit. And, adding to your selling tool belt can help set you apart from the competition and close more deals with your qualified leads.

Sales training and seminars can prove to be costly and, often, companies are looking for alternatives to provide the latest techniques to their team while staying on (or under) budget. The good news is there are a lot of free resources available online-thanks to YouTube! The bad news? There are a lot of bad sales training programs for free online. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels to subscribe to now for free sales training, techniques, strategies, tips, motivation and more. Before you fall down the YouTube rabbit hole of cat videos and “easy” recipes, check out these channels to level up your sales game.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sales YouTube Channels

Reading is not really your thing? Consider watching some of these influential and accomplished sales companies and professionals to learn a thing or two about closing a deal, connecting more deeply with your customers and increasing revenue.

Channels for executives & management

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker brings together the top sales executives from the biggest tech companies where they share the tactics and strategies they are deploying to close more B2B sales and attain nine-figure revenues. What you can expect to find on the Sales Hacker YouTube channel is strategies to help with lead generation and prospecting, how to outsource and automate the entire sales funnel, the best ways to build and maintain relationships with customers, how to hire and build a great sales team, and so much more!

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Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy International is exactly that: an international company founded by author, speaker and successful businessman, Brian Tracy. They provide training and seminars on a wide variety of topics–including sales. These trainings include topics that are applicable to salespeople like how to advance your sales career, personal development, time management and more. While Tracy’s company offers paid training, you can also find free resources on his YouTube channel. Tracy’s goal with his channel is to offer productivity and life tips to help people on the road to success.

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Mark Hunter aka the Sales Hunter

You might know Mark Hunter as the Sales Hunter. To Mark, sales is more than just a job, it’s his life and he believes that helping others on a similar path is his mission. Mark is an author and sales consultant. On his YouTube channel, you can expect to find sales motivation, negotiation strategies, how to close more deals, sales tips and tricks that will help with prospect identification, and sales leadership advice so you can build the most profitable and productive sales team.

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The SaaStr channel was created as a community to support SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs. Getting its start as a simple blog back in 2012, the channel is a colorful mix of videos submitted by SaaS experts and extends to podcasts, and regular meetings! Subscribe here

Channels for traditional sales and cold calling

Art Sobczak

You might recognize Art Sobczak from his book, “Smart Selling.” Sobczak is considered a pioneer in the sales world for his innovative and thoughtful approach to proactive prospecting and lead generation. If you are still a strong believer in the art of cold calling, you’ll enjoy this YouTube channel. His channel covers topics around smart calling and how to handle, even overcome, common situations you might face when calling prospects.

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Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath is an award-winning author and a successful and highly sought-after motivational speaker. Konrath is on the relentless search to uncover and share the best sales strategies and techniques that actually work. Konrath’s YouTube channel shares strategies for selling, understanding sales psychology, creating productive sales teams and processes, and so much more! 

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Gluckow: Sales in a NY Minute

As the title suggests, Jennifer Gluckow is sure to teach you how to close a deal faster with your leads. Jennifer is a salesperson herself and has used these strategies many times to close deals in a minute or less. On her channel, you’ll learn how to get more leads, close more deals, and personalize your follow-ups to improve your relationship with your customers.

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Cesar L. Rodriguez

Cesar L. Rodriguez is a speaker, sales trainer and success coach. He has spent his career exclusively focused on direct sales teams and network marketing programs. As an executive director at LegalShield, Rodriguez provides human resource services to small businesses. On his YouTube channel, you can expect to find videos that will help you with business concepts, sales strategies and tips, prospecting advice, network marketing and more.

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Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a savvy businessman and social media influencer. With over 1.7 billion views online, he’s helped a lot of professionals learn how to achieve financial confidence. Lok is also an international best-selling author and has been featured in multiple notable news outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider, to name a few. When browsing his videos, you can expect to learn how to set yourself up for success, tips and tricks for every step within the sales cycle, and personal development tips on how to communicate, how to balance work and personal relationships and so much more.

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Will Barron aims to turn traditional sales on its head on his YouTube channel. His motto? Make selling simple! The channel features useful tips and tricks, as well as interesting interviews with the world's leading sales and business experts. Looking for simple but effective sales advice? We’ve got you covered! 

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Patrick Dang

If you want to learn and have fun doing it, Patrick’s videos will be right up your alley. His videos give you simple, effective techniques to boost your cold calling, lead generation as well as insights into life as a BDR and how to apply for sales jobs! Always on trend (like with the current ChatGPT craze), his channel is definitely worth a look.

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Sales Maven

Nikki Rausch’s dedication to what she calls “authentic sales” is evident when you watch her videos. She draws from more than 25 years of experience in sales and as a coach. Her videos cover everything from how to deal with objections to selling to the C-level.

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Sales Insights Lab

On his YouTube channel, Marc Wayshak provides you with free coaching and mentoring sessions to help you continuously build your sales expertise. To do so, he utilizes parts of his self-developed Game Plan Selling system—a data-driven and science-based sales method. Marc has videos about sales psychology, cold calling, mindset and much more. Go check it out! 

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Channels for startups and scaling

Winning by Design

Winning by Design supports teams across the organization, from sales to customer success, all the way to marketing.  So, their background is in advising and collaborating with high-growth start-ups and mid-market SaaS companies. They are well versed in how to help global enterprise organizations and Fortune 500 companies apply best practices to achieve sustainable growth. On their channel, you can expect to find videos that cover the sales process, trends that SaaS companies should be paying attention to, taking advantage of modern marketing trends and more. 

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Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)

SBI is a “management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping you Make Your Number.” They are focused on helping larger companies improve their sales teams’ performance and results. Their YouTube channel covers interviews of successful sales professionals who offer their secret to closing more deals and increasing revenues. If you’re a big company looking to align your marketing and sales activities to make smart decisions about your leads and opportunities, SBI is worth a watch.

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Channels for (digital) B2B sales

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel

Jeff Gitomer is known as the “King of Sales”. He has authored 13 books, is a sales consultant, has worked with world-famous brands, and has his own successful YouTube channel. Gitomer is known for his simple, straightforward and insightful sales advice. If you are on the hunt for a channel that cuts through the noise and offers a no-nonsense approach to sales training, Jeff’s channel is perfect for you.

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Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg is an author, a business and sales consultant and speaker, whose mission is to simplify and demystify sales. His passion lies in helping companies, sales professionals and teams close more deals and generate high quality leads. Weinberg is known for his tell-it-like-it-is style. On his channel, you can expect blunt and straight forward tips about sales strategies that work, sales leadership insights, how to simplify the sales process and more.

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Victor Antonio

Victor Antonio owns one of the most successful YouTube channels focused on sales—which makes sense because with more than 20 years of experience as a salesperson! His channel features over 1,000 sales-related videos from which you can definitely learn a lot. Looking for content on social media sales, ABM or pipeline tips? Look no further! Victor also regularly invites other sales experts and interviews them about their fields of expertise. 

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Dave Lorenzo

Are you plagued by long sales cycles and low turnover? Dave Lorenzo can give you tips on ways to expand your existing customer relationships. But how? With cross and upselling! He has been coaching sales executives since 1996 on personal branding, follow-up techniques or how to get more referrals for your products/services.

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LinkedIn Sales Solutions

The official LinkedIn Sales Solutions YouTube channel helps you as a sales professional to leverage the power of social selling and to connect with your target audience. LinkedIn is more than just a business platform! Use it as another tool to boost your sales – their YouTube channel shows you how in their exciting and helpful videos.

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Natasha Vilaseca

Meet Natasha Vilaseca, a successful entrepreneur that has harnessed the power of social selling and LinkedIn to help her grow her business. Now, Vilaseca helps B2B professionals dominate lead generation using LinkedIn. On her channel, you’ll find a lot of great free educational resources that cover the ins and outs of social selling on LinkedIn. Whether you are a beginning on LinkedIn and are looking for quick tips to optimize your channel, or an avid LinkedIn user, you’ll learn a thing or two that will help you develop or hone your social selling strategy.

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Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a motivational speaker, an author of eight books and the creator of successful business programs. He’s also the CEO of seven privately-held companies. Forbes considers him one of the top business influencers in the world. He focuses on teaching sales professionals how to achieve sales success by using modern techniques. His channel features tips and tricks for new and seasoned sales professionals alike. He uses his real-life experiences to share his secrets for sales success.

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Channels in interview format


This digital content platform delivers some of the best content in sales and thought leadership to readers across the globe. SalesPOP! has a network of contributors which brings a variety of different content types and perspectives in today’s business environment. On their YouTube channel you can find multiple topics like sales management, leadership, motivation, salesmanship and so much more.

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Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner is the CEO of Selling Power Magazine and is definitely not a stranger to telling a great story.On his channel, Gerhard interviews salespeople to learn about their dos and don’ts when it comes to closing the deal. His channel also offers endless inspiration and value to help you level up your sales game.

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Alice Heiman

On “Sales Talk for CEOs”, you’ll get more than just the basics.  Alice packs great sales tips into her two-minute videos, and always has interesting guests dropping by. If you want to know how to prevent sales mistakes, learn about how to scale sales, or improve customer satisfaction, be sure to check out her short-format videos too!

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Channels for (sales) psychology, motivation and marketing

Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a body language expert and is a renowned keynote speaker and thought leader. Edwards has spent years researching and studying human behavior and body language to understand what exactly influences customers or clients to buy your service, product or solution. On her channel, you’ll learn about influence and how to get more of what you want. Her channel features videos about human behavior, psychology, communication, success, business and relationships. 

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Influence at Work

Influence at Work was founded by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D. You might recognize him from his best-selling and wildly popular book, “Influence: The Science of Persuasion.” Cialdini has dedicated his career to researching the psychology of influence and how sales professionals can use it to their advantage.The Influence at Work YouTube channel gives more in-depth information into human psychology and how that translates to sales, you’ll learn about the science of persuasion, you’ll gain access to Cialdini’s previous keynotes and so much more!

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HubSpot Academy

On the HubSpot Marketing YouTube channel, you’ll find learning resources for inbound marketing, sales, social media, website optimization and more. Plus, you will get a sneek peek at the educational resources that are delivered in their certifications and courses so you can decide which one is best for you.

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All About B2B Marketing

Are you interested in topics like Demand Generation, Product-Led Growth, and SEO? Then we recommend you take a look at Sanjana Murali's YouTube channel! Here you can get insights into the thoughts and strategies of globally successful marketeers for free! Sanjana promises short videos under 30 minutes and at least 5 learnings in each video. So it's worth checking out!

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Although this channel isn’t directly related to sales techniques and tips, Goalcast covers an often overlooked part on the journey to success – goal setting. Goal setting is an important part of the sales and personal development process as it allows you to have something to work towards.This channel will inspire you to set high goals and work towards achieving them. You’ll learn how to push yourself and go far beyond your perceived limits. Enjoy a variety of content from motivational speeches, stories of success and more. 

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Gary Vee, also known as Gary Vaynerchuk, is a top-tier motivator who can get you excited to sell and conquer the day with a single video. Gary Vee has built two successful companies and has written several best-selling books. On his channel, you can expect to find videos that motivate you into taking advantage of your life and going after your goals.

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Evan Carmichael’s Modeling the Masters

Evan Carmichael is a huge supporter of entrepreneurs. At the age of 19, he built and then sold a biotech software company. At the age of 22, he was a venture capitalist raising $500 thousand to $15 million. He’s also encountered common struggles that every entrepreneur has faced. Now, he has a successful YouTube channel where he features other entrepreneurs and professionals as he seeks to answer one of the most lucrative questions: Why is it so hard to believe in yourself?

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Learning Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

We absorb information in different ways. Some of us enjoy reading books, others like to listen to podcasts and some enjoy watching videos. Thanks to free resources like YouTube, learning opportunities are seemingly endless.

As a sales professional, you don’t have to break the bank to get up to speed on the best sales techniques to try in your next pitch. Simply follow some of these YouTube channels to stay in the know on the latest sales trends that are sure to help you close your next deal.

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