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Dealfront: Discover the Go-to-Market Platform for Europe

Natasha Toshevska 29 June 2023

This article is also available in German.

What is Dealfront

It can be exciting to move into new markets or discover new customers. But it can also be very challenging if you don't have the right strategy or tool. Uncovering new customers you can wow with your product or services can be exciting, but you need to get it right the first time.

Many times, companies aren’t fully aware that there are tools available or are using tools that are actually hindering their success. In Europe especially, all the rules and regulations vary from country to country and are stricter than in many other places around the world.

Breaking into new European markets will need a combination of the following:

  • a more detailed understanding of who you want to do business with

  • GDPR-compliant data sourcing and outreach

  • a tool that can help align your sales and marketing teams

But how?

With a platform that can make your GTM activities as efficient, comprehensive, and accurate as possible: Dealfront.

Dealfront: A platform over 10 years in the making

In June of 2022, two leading players in the world of B2B SaaS–Echobot and Leadfeeder–announced that following a €180m investment from Great Hill Partners, they had merged. The combination of Echobot’s sales intelligence platform, and Leadfeeder’s web visitor intelligence solution was the perfect fit to launch the leading go-to-market platform. 

The seeds of Dealfront were planted when in 2011, Bastian Karweg and Janis Breitwieser started Echobot. Then, a year later, Leadfeeder was co-founded by Pekka Koskinen, Herkko Kilunen, and Vicent Llongo. Since then, both companies have strived to empower their customers to grow their businesses.

And that’s exactly what Dealfront will continue to build upon.

How Dealfront can help you overcome your barriers to success

Our platform doesn’t just have cool features that we want to spotlight; we want to empower you to overcome your challenges. And if you’ve been in B2B sales for any length of time, you’ll recognize the  usual suspects.

Barrier 1: Uncovering GDPR-compliant data to GTM in Europe

Europe is a collection of countries with different cultures, languages, and regulations. Are you using a sales intelligence platform that isn’t GDPR compliant? You’ll be in for a nasty surprise. Why use tools created for other markets? You’ll create a barrier to your success before you begin.

GDPR Dealfront

Dealfront is the only EU-native, and truly compliant GTM platform built to give sales and marketing teams everything they need to close deals in Europe. Our data is sourced from local registers, our AI understands many languages, and our crawlers uncover data and insights that others can’t. This is how we can help you discover your full potential market. 

Barrier 2: Lack of qualified leads

You know what it’s like to have leads pour in, and it feels good–until you have to qualify them. We turn lead qualification on its head. What if you could already reach companies actively searching for or needing your product or service?

“The clear structure of news about potential new customers within Connect makes selling so much easier. We can develop an individualized approach and immediately see if there is currently potential to sell to a company.”

Daniel van Lierop CEO @ „alivello”

Dealfront enables you to:

  • identify potential customers ready for what you have to offer by getting the right information at the right time. 

  • discover your target customers' needs and when it's the best time to reach out. 

Barrier 2: Poor alignment between marketing and sales

The friction between marketing and sales is a tale as old as time. Are your teams targeting the same audience or communicating the same message effectively?  If your answer is no, then it’s very likely that this friction has a very real impact on your revenue

Dealfront’s tools can deliver information such as the companies visiting your website, and give you behavior insights. This means that sales and marketing can align on the companies they’re targeting. While sales is reaching out to these companies, marketing can run ABM campaigns on these same companies!

Barrier 3: Poor understanding of customer behavior

Finding out how your potential customers behave can be tricky, especially if the tools you currently use don’t have the necessary tracking analytics features in place. This means you struggle to extract actionable insights, preventing you from making decisions since you don’t know how they’re behaving on your site.

Understand Customer Behavior

Our platform can help you discover your website visitors and analyze their behavior. Knowing if they’ve expanded their business, secured an investment or the tech stack they use can give you the advantage you need.

Your sales and marketing teams can see all the buying journeys of different companies and the actions they took before purchasing. Never be in the dark again about your target’s buying decisions.

Barrier 4: Wasting time on ineffective outreach

B2B marketing and sales teams are focused on lead forms and cold calls. But what if your prospect isn’t ready to buy or is already so far along the process that you can’t make an impact?

Dealfront helps you take advantage of your prospect visiting high-intent pages like pricing or demo pages. You can boost your sales team’s outreach efficiency because the tool can show them when your leads are ready to buy.

So now that you’ve heard how our go-to-market platform can shatter the obstacles to growth, let’s introduce you to the platform itself:

Dealfront products

How the Dealfront platform outplays its competitors

We have five tools that work together seamlessly to give you a powerful, full-service platform that is also fully GDPR-compliant.

We’ve also moved away from the classic funnel and created the platform to function as a flywheel with four phases. Each of the phases feeds into the next, where ultimately, a new cycle begins. 

Flywheel Dealfront
  1. Discover: Unlock your total addressable market.

  2. Qualify: Refine and prioritize your ideal customer profiles.

  3. Convert: Reach the right buyers with the right message at the right time.

  4. Optimize: Multiply your deals won using AI and machine learning algorithms to find B2B lookalikes.

The platform is designed in such a way that no stage of your customer’s journey is the “end game” but just the beginning. You have the advantage of not only having all your tools working together but your teams as well. You’re also building a sustainable relationship with your customers. Instead of just getting the sale, you are nurturing and building their journey with them.

Dealfront is also built to work with the tools you already use. Our CRM integrations mean that you can seamlessly:

  • add new high-intent leads from anonymous website visitors to your CRM automatically.

  • sync actionable intent data enabling your sales team to personalize and prioritize outreach.

  • continuously update and enrich your CRM with the most up-to-date company and contact data.

Dealfront Target 

Target is a B2B sales prospecting tool that assists in building lists of companies that match your ICP and finding the contact data of key decision-makers. What do those two things equal? Hitting your revenue goals faster.

Don’t waste time chasing after accounts that aren’t ready or don’t match your target. With powerful filters you can refine your lists so you’re getting the data you need to focus on accounts with the highest closing probability. 

Trigger Events selection in Target

Target will also show you new customers that are similar to your existing customers to help you pinpoint companies that might be in need of your products or services.


With Leadfeeder, you have the power of a tool that helps you identify the companies that visit your website, the pages they visit, and how they behave on those pages. Engage with your visitors in real time, and with your newly-gained insights, use the data to set your sales team up for effective prospecting.

Dealfront Web Visitors

Dealfront Promote 

Ever wish you had a tool that could target specific companies’ IP addresses with programmatic display ads-even if they’re working remotely? With Promote, that’s precisely what you can do. 

Promote can help you: 

  1. define and target your most important account lists.

  2. set up your campaign.

  3. measure the true impact of your ads.

Promote can also enhance traditional marketing by helping you retarget companies instead of just the individuals visiting your website. You can stop chasing the wrong leads to reach your ICP directly and efficiently. 

Dealfront Connect 

We know that most salespeople spend most of their time researching. But that’s why Connect will become your greatest asset in helping your teams not be part of that statistic. With Connect, you’ll gain access to company, contact, tech stack, and financial data with a few clicks of your mouse. 

Company profile view in Dealfront Connect

Filter through trigger events to find out if your target company recently expanded to a new market or if they’ll be at a trade fair. Always stay informed so your sales team can spend less time researching and more time closing deals.

Dealfront Datacare 

You know what it’s like to send an email or call someone only to find out that they don’t work there anymore. With Datacare, you can remove duplicate, inaccurate, or outdated data. Then, enrich your data with new insights into your target company’s industry, revenue, and more. 

Just how up-to-date is the data in Datacare? Our crawlers regularly scan the web for any updates and changes which are almost in real time. That way, you can export the most accurate data for the cleanest import back into your own systems. There are also some changes that can take up to sixteen weeks. 

How Dealfront helps different teams


The harsh reality is that most sales teams spend a significant amount of their time doing research instead of actually selling. Dealfront helps by helping your team whittle down data with powerful filtering options. 

What your sales team can now do faster:

  • Quickly find companies that match your ICP, and pinpoint decision-makers to avoid inefficient outreach.

  • Save up to 80% in research time with our comprehensive company profiles.

  • Find prospects who are ready to buy.


Wouldn’t it be great if your marketing department could actually get value for money with their advertising budget? Now they can! 

Boost your marketing team’s budget efficiently by:

  • creating brand/product awareness campaigns that target specific companies.

  • loading the lead pipeline through the website.

  • retargeting the entire decision-making team to close the most critical deals.

  • aligning marketing with your sales team to target the same companies they’re also pursuing.

  • refining retargeting campaigns with B2B-level personalization to show more relevant ads.

Measure the true impact of your ad spend to refine your processes, and maximize the success for your next campaign.

Leadfeeder [Dealfront] is a must-have tool for any account-based marketing campaign. Its ability to collect and report on [first]-party intent data has been critical to helping us align our marketing activities and ensure we are reaching the correct accounts.

An Tran, Growth Marketing Manager @ xGrowth

Customer success & account management

With Dealfront, you can stay on top of any changes your customers are going through. For example, your teams can get alerts on their customer accounts that their customer just hired 10 new employees? Now they can reach out to offer support with rolling out onboarding or training measures. 

Alert configuration in Dealfront

Customer success and account management teams can also leverage Dealfront to discover cross or upselling opportunities. They can also use the platform to discover opportunities for referrals! Are your customers currently doing business with an organization that seems like a good fit for you too? Use the Dealfront platform to give you the data to leverage all opportunities as they present themselves. 


A sales intelligence platform for talent acquisition may seem like a strange fit, but it might be precisely what recruiters need. Finding the right talent for the right company can feel like hours of wasted time if you don’t have the right tools. But, the data filters within Dealfront can help your talent team uncover companies currently on the lookout for fresh new talent.

Recruiting teams can use Dealfront to:

  • get more accurate contact information on candidates and companies.

  • use keyword and sector searches to find out who is looking for talent and jobs.

  • learn more about their ideal customer profiles to identify other relevant companies.

Why Dealfront is the ultimate go-to-market platform

Dealfront is the go-to-market platform for Europe that is built on live European data. It understands the nuances in European languages, culture, and regulations. Its algorithms and applications access data and insights that other tools can’t, while offering transparency and complying with Europe’s strict and complex regulations. 

Data isn’t just data with Dealfront. Our sales intelligence platform can transform how your teams think about doing business. Get rid of the silos and align your sales and marketing teams with information that will help them help your customers to reach their objectives and potential. 

You’ll have a powerful tool at your fingertips that allows you to build more sustainable, long-term relationships with the customers you already have.

Do more, do it faster, and always stay ahead of your competition

Find the data, applications and insights you need to win any European market with Dealfront.

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