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How Ambassify Improved Lead Generation With Dealfront’s Deep Company Insights


Get to know Ambassify and their mission

Enabling employees to become their company’s biggest ambassadors is what Ambassify's Employee Advocacy Platform lives and breathes. From employer branding to social media marketing, Ambassify wants to make it easy for companies to showcase their greatest asset: their employees.

We spoke to Nils Hölscher, an Account Executive at Ambassify, to talk about how Dealfront helps them create better experiences for their customers.

Ambassify’s challenge: Great content with no real targeting

Creating a collection of great educational content is only effective when the right people read it. Ambassify knew they had content that could be distributed to prospects and customers for lead generation, but had no overview on who was interested in which content.

How Dealfront helped Ambassify leverage their content

Create lists

Using Leadfeeder by Dealfront, Nils could see which pieces of content their web visitors were interested in. Using that as a jumping off point, he could segment those companies into lists and based on their behavior, was able to send out personalized and specific content.

Company visit website example Leadfeeder
What we found especially valuable is that we could track how companies evolve. From the moment they become customers, we can monitor the content they were first interested in and see how their content needs changed as time went on. Perhaps the client started out being interested in marketing topics and after a year, sustainability topics became the focus.
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Nils Hölscher

Account Executive @ Ambassify

Nils uses the Dealfront platform almost daily to check on his prospect lists and to see if the group of his existing customers might be interested in topics other than what they originally signed up for.

Taking all of that into account, Nils can continue sending out the right content at the right point of their journey with Ambassify. The accumulated metrics and data with Leadfeeder by Dealfront helps them expand the use cases for their clients.

Effective workflows thanks to strong integrations

There’s nothing more time-wasting than tool switching. Having the tools you already use integrate seamlessly into the Dealfront platform helps create effective workflows. For Nils, when leads come in or if there was a conversion they normally came from a prospect or customer clicking or interacting with their content.

The HubSpot integration allows pull all that information into one tool so he can avoid jumping from one tool to the other.

Hubspot integration in Leadfeeder

The other integration that Ambassify benefits from is the Slack integration. This is especially important and useful because their marketing and sales teams can pull Dealfront insights out of the tool and distribute them to relevant channels in Slack.

Slack integration in Leadfeeder

His colleagues can join channels that cover specific regions and/or company size. For example, if they are responsible for leads in Scandinavia, information covering that region specifically can be funneled directly into that channel.

Keeping their content fresh and impactful

As both sales and marketing are focused on bringing in revenue, Dealfront helps weed out the content that doesn’t have the desired impact. That way they can concentrate on distributing the content that’s truly effective and profitable for both them and their prospects and customers.

With the Dealfront platform, they can also see if more than one person from their target companies viewed content. This is a great opportunity to scale their deal size because there might be an opportunity for them to accommodate multiple use cases.

Activity in Leadfeeder

What’s improved for Ambassify with Dealfront?

With more specific and deep company insights, the conversion from an outbound sales effort is much higher with Dealfront. Nils sets up triggers to help define what is or isn’t a hot lead to help analyze how many page visits a lead had before converting.

Would Ambassify recommend Dealfront?

I would definitely recommend using they Dealfront platform so that companies aren’t looking around for insights and leads in the dark. These insights are essential to work in a more focused and targeted way which increases workflow efficiency.
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Nils Hölscher

Account Executive @ Ambassify

Not only that, companies can truly measure the effectiveness of the content their prospects and customers are consuming. That way, you can also take a look at why leads convert to help you with strategies in the future.

If you want to gain deeper insights into the companies visiting your website. Put your use cases to the test and start your Leadfeeder trial today!

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