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How Brandcave Added 200 New Contacts a Day to Their Sales Automation Flow Using Leadfeeder’s API

Success Story Brandcave
My experience with Leadfeeder by Dealfront has been incredible. I trust the data, and I trust the people behind the data. I've told everyone I know about what it's done for my company, personally, and they've all stepped up to see if it can help them too!
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Cody Miles

Founder @ Brandcave & Ashore

Get to Know our Partner, Brandcave

Brandcave is a 10-employee strong creative agency based in the thriving tech hub of Austin, Texas, USA. Founded in 2015 by Cody Miles, Brandcave specializes in creative services and user experience design for B2B technology companies. Some of their key clients include Intel, VMWare, Opera, and the U.S. Department of Defense. 

In 2018, with the realization through running his own business that clients do not speak the same language as designers, Cody built an internal tool to solve these issues and help improve digital collaboration online. Ashore was created as an online proofing software to help creative companies get approval on digital files faster and released to the public in 2020. It’s still used by Brandcave as a guinea pig for the marketing and creative ideas they ultimately sell to other B2B tech companies.

Website Ashore

Ashore Website

Founder Cody has been successfully using Leadfeeder by Dealfront through both Brandcave and Ashore since the start of 2024. He had a specific need for his businesses and after thorough investigation, concluded that Leadfeeder was the right solution.

The Challenge: How to Automatically Add Identified Web Visitors to a Sales Automation Workflow

Towards the end of 2023, Cody and his team were looking to boost the marketing flow of Ashore. He had identified and tested a reverse IP lookup solution that included sales automation, with the goal of connecting with visitors to the website who don’t fill out a form. This proposed solution came with the steep price tag of $30,000 per year.

Things didn’t quite sit right however, and Cody paused the purchase and wondered if he could build what he wanted himself.

Identifying the right partner

Cody’s goal for the Ashore team was to increase the overall number of leads they’d be working on, on a daily basis. The site was converting really well at 15%, but they wanted to break away from the norm to reach the untapped 85%, and do things different to how every other internet-based company does their cold prospecting.

The basis of the idea required finding the best available reverse IP lookup tool, or in simple terms, a tool to identify the names of the companies visiting your website.

During the discovery phase, they tested every reverse IP lookup tool that they could gain access to, comparing the data side by side.

Ultimately, the choice came down to Leadfeeder by Dealfront and one other competitor. By taking one week of data and checking the accuracy of how many companies both tools identified as known leads in the CRM, the Ashore team were able to conclude that Leadfeeder was the stronger choice. Additionally, Leadfeeder provided a very easy to use API that was able to easily connect to Ashore’s sales automation tool, making the whole process seamless.

Web visitor identification solution Leadfeeder by Dealfront

Web Visitor Identification by Leadfeeder

Over the 2023 holiday break, Cody built what he was looking to achieve for Ashore, for the vastly lower sum of $400 a month with Leadfeeder.

The Solution: Leadfeeder Provides the Data and API Functionality to Achieve a Fully Automated Sales Outreach Workflow

The team wanted to increase their outreach in a smart way, using all the data they could get their hands on. They knew how valuable insights from website visitor identification are and therefore believed this to be the right place to start building their workflow. These companies had already visited the Ashore website and so had some form of brand awareness.

Segment by the most engaged audience

The team didn’t want to reach out to just anyone, however, only those who used the website in a meaningful way, such as visiting the pricing page, or a special feature page. To narrow down the cohort of outreach possibilities, they used one of Leadfeeder’s most powerful features: custom feeds.

Custom feeds in Leadfeeder are a way to segment visitors based on their online behavior, using filters. The 50+ filters can be mixed and matched to create feeds both profiling the visitor and highlighting buying intent.

Types of Custom Feeds

  • Behavior: Actions the visitor took on your website, such as the number of pages visited

  • Acquisition: How the visitor reached your site, such as a campaign or social media

  • Company info: Filter based on location, industry, size, language, etc

  • Dealfront activities: View visitors assigned to a Leadfeeder user, emailed, or shared via Slack

  • CRM activities: If you've integrated your CRM with Dealfront, you can create feeds based on their stage or status in your CRM

  • Email marketing integrations: Integrate with Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign to see which companies have come from your email campaigns

An example feed could filter for companies of a certain size, in a certain industry, who visited the pricing page on your website. Here you’re both applying your ideal customer profile criteria and looking for key intent actions.

Example of a custom feed in Leadfeeder

Example Custom Feed in Leadfeeder

You will then see a feed populated only with companies who match this specific criteria and can act solely on the data within this feed. You can make as many different custom feeds as you see fit.

Now that Ashore had identified their target companies, they could integrate this into the next steps of their workflow.

Filter out any known companies and get in touch

The next step of the process was to take this list of identified, brand aware companies, filter out any known leads or customers and look up the right contacts at the filtered companies. 

This involved connecting the Leadfeeder API to Ashore’s CRM and applying the automation script written by Cody. Any newly identified companies were added to the CRM and any companies tagged in the CRM as existing customers or known leads were removed from the sequence.

Leadfeeder API

Leadfeeder API

The script then runs the remaining, unconverted companies through a sales intelligence tool to take an educated guess at the specific people who may have visited the website. These contacts are enriched in the CRM as new prospects and placed in the appropriate sales sequence.

These prospects are then pushed deeper into the funnel in a much more relevant way than through generic cold outreach, with the focus on nurturing a relationship.

Sharing the Success

The success of this project goes much further than the original use case.

Firstly, the team achieved what they wanted for Ashore: a completely automated reverse IP lookup sales automation workflow that's proved incredibly helpful for getting new people into the funnel. 

The sales process used to be manual for a very small team, with only a few contacts reached per day. This has now increased significantly and each of these contacts are from companies who did not convert on the website in the previous day, warming up what was previously purely cold outreach.

Our approach to cold outreach is unique and it's helping expand our funnel. Every day, our automation script which uses Leadfeeder, identifies at least 200 new contacts and begins a conversation. This makes the most of our website and the traffic it's already generating, and is growing our overall conversion rate.
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Cody Miles

Founder @ Brandcave & Ashore

The second way this project has seen success is back where we began this story, with Brandcave. Cody and his team at the creative agency have been able to use the activity at Ashore as a proof of concept and introduce the packaged solution to their internet-based clients.

It’s become an additional service Brandcave has been able to sell, both as a Leadfeeder partner and through their own proprietary script and process. Ultimately they are now enabling other internet-based companies with the same strategy that proved successful for their sister company, Ashore.

We initially developed this solution for ourselves, but with running costs of less than a quarter of the only alternative product on the market I soon realized that all our clients could benefit from a version of the automation script I had used with Leadfeeder.
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Cody Miles

Founder @ Brandcave & Ashore

The automated workflow involving Leadfeeder by Dealfront now happens every day for both Ashore and Brandcave, as well as many of the latter’s clients. The high quality of data coming through Leadfeeder’s website visitor identification process, and its ease of integration has helped develop a meaningful, completely automated, sales prospecting and lead nurturing tool for Cody and his businesses.

The value Leadfeeder creates is immense. The quality of the data is really, really high and it's priced in a way that is really competitive in the market. It's a no brainer when you compare what's possible with Leadfeeder to any of the solutions out there. The most important thing for our purposes is how easy the API is to work with. It’s given us the ability to integrate into all of our systems and pull our data in ways that increase our funnel on a daily basis. Thanks Leadfeeder!
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Cody Miles

Founder @ Brandcave & Ashore

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