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How microtech used untapped up- & cross-selling potential with Dealfront

What microtech achieved with Dealfront:


better data quality


more cross-selling opportunities


understanding of their customers

Before Dealfront, there was a lot of up- and cross-selling potential going to waste. Now, it just takes us one click to research a company's revenue or how many employees work there.
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Chris Jakob

Head of Sales @ microtech

Get to know microtech

Based in the Rheinland-Pfalz region of Germany, microtech offers its customers in the retail sector high-quality ERP solutions. From financial accounting and logistics to e-commerce, microtech simplifies the daily work of large and small businesses.

In order to boost its account-based marketing (ABM), new customer acquisition, and existing customer support, microtech has been using Dealfront. Using the full potential of our go-to-market platform, microtech also capitalizes on the Dealfront integration with their CRM system, Hubspot.

Microtech particularly liked that Dealfront gave them more detailed insights into their existing customers that they weren’t able to see before. The key financial figures were particularly important in the context of existing customer analysis.

The challenge of digging deeper with current customers

With two locations, over 5000 customers and 46,000 users in the DACH region, microtech’s top priority is to provide their customers with the best possible support. 

To do this microtech had to ask themselves two questions: 1. Is the customer’s full potential really being used? 2. Are the products 100% suitable or would other other solutions be better suited?

In terms of cross- and upselling, microtech previously relied more on their gut feeling. Now, they were looking for ways to gain insights into topics that maybe weren’t as obvious before. For example,  company turnover, profit, bankruptcy, or growth. An additional requirement was that the B2B data needed to be GDPR compliant, current, and as clear and concise as possible.

In sales and marketing, they also wanted a solution that would benefit both departments to avoid bottlenecks between different providers. The data they needed had to comply with data protection regulations and was appropriate for cold outreach with new customers and marketing campaigns.

The solution: Leverage Dealfront for gaining financial insights 

Using Dealfront gave microtech high-quality B2B data to work with when acquiring new customers for sales and marketing. Not only that, they also gained useful insider insights on their existing customers. The potential of Dealfront was absolutely clear.

Strength in new customer acquisition

One of the many things microtech uses Dealfront for is to search for companies that are in need of what they have to offer. To do this, microtech uses Dealfront’s nearly 300 filter options in our prospecting tools. With the right filters in place, microtech can find the companies that align with their ERP solutions. Then, their sales team can craft personalized outreach using GDPR compliant data!

Example search using the shop system and similar company filters

Microtech first uploads an existing customer list to our Sales Intelligence Solution and uses that as a basis to generate a list of similar companies.

E-Commerce & Shop systems: Shopify

Company lists: Uploaded

Search query in Dealfront for shop system
Example search in Dealfront

Impressive ad campaigns

Microtech’s performance marketing team relies on Dealfront-generated lead lists for their ABM and ads. For example, they use the B2B leads that are in need of their solution to generate Matched Audiences on LinkedIn. Then, they can display the right ads for their target group. 

Better cross- & upselling

Microtech’s main focus with our platform is to capitalize on cross- and upselling to their existing customer base. The Sales Intelligence solution paired with the Dealfront Connect integration in Hubspot work together to track down the companies that still offer untapped potential. To do this, microtech first uploads its own customer list to Dealfront and then, filters that list according to certain criteria.

Search by Key Financial Figures & Industry

In this example, microtech can focus on the results that display companies with a revenue range of 1-5M Euros, have more than 5 but less than 300 employees, and are within specific industries within a certain postal code area. That way they can find potential customers that are in need of “smaller” solutions.

Company list: microtech customers

Revenue: 1 – 5M €

WZ-Codes: 45.4, 46 and 47

Employees: 5-300

Post code: 64658 + 50km

Search query industry and financial numbers in Dealfront
Example search in Dealfront

Direct input in HubSpot

The Dealfront Connect integration into their HubSpot CRM was another factor that impressed microtech. This integration allowed the software company to access additional insights on its existing customers within their own HubSpot CRM. No tedious tool switching! Microtech was able to check relevant data on an existing customer’s current key financial figures directly in the CRM and follow up if the financial conditions were right.

Hubspot connection in Dealfront Connect
You don't often see a company that cares so much about their customers and doesn't talk down to them. Apart from the important factors like data enrichment, GDPR compliance, reliable data sources and headquartered in Europe, Dealfront has the whole package when it comes to service and quality.
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Chris Jakob

Head of Sales @ microtech

Cross- and upselling made quick and easy

One thing is certain, thanks to Dealfront, microtech is discovering expanded markets in need of their solutions. This would have been challenging without Dealfront as many companies tend to keep their sales and profits under wraps.

With Dealfront, microtech can sit back and collect all the important financial data directly in their CRM system or filter their customer lists according to their criteria. This doesn’t just save them time, but valuable resources!

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