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How S.I.E (System Industrie Electronic GmbH) is Penetrating the Market with Dealfront

Success Story S.I.E

What S.I.E Achieved with Dealfront:


Research time saved


Competitor analysis

With the help of Dealfront, we are working more efficiently in terms of time and resources. After the setup and training, we were able to get started straight away and we now know exactly what makes our competition tick.
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Sami Badawi

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication @ S.I.E

An introduction to S.I.E

As a specialist in the fields of embedded systems, computing power as well as medical and display units, S.I.E. (System Industrie Electronic GmbH) benefits from the powerful Dealfront platform, using it to gain a comprehensive market and competitor insights.

We spoke to Sami Badawi, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication at S.I.E. System Industrie Electronic GmbH, and were very happy to hear just how satisfied he and his colleagues have been since they started using Dealfront. He gave us a comprehensive look into both how they use our software as well as the market benefits S.I.E gained with Dealfront.

The Challenge: Limited Insights into the Market

For a long time, S.I.E relied on its intuition about its own market and competitors which unfortunately wasn’t fruitful. Before the introduction of Dealfront, the company assumed that they knew exactly who their competitors were, monitoring three or four other companies. The problem was, these companies weren’t actually competitors at all! 

It was only after the introduction of Dealfront, that S.I.E really began to hone in on the competitors that were actually relevant to them, some of which were even poaching business clients. Because the Austrian company wasn’t able to gain a real overview of their market, they knew they had to take action.

S.I.E also struggled with data completeness and being up-to-date before the introduction of our products. These issues meant tedious background research–like manually checking the internet for updates on customers or competitors–for the sales team even before they could even think about acquiring new customers. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, S.I.E wanted to stay updated on their clients’ most important happenings and obtain useful conversation starters. They even subscribed to popular daily newspapers to help channel the constant flood of information. 

The Solution: Higher success rates with the complete package from Dealfront

Competitor Analysis

The most important thing for S.I.E was a market overview and competitor monitoring. Using our products, Target and Connect, ensures that information on competitors or sudden market developments doesn’t escape their notice. The Dealfront cloud software delivers up-to-date company data and provides S.I.E with the newest information via intelligent email alerts.

To identify their competitors and monitor them in detail, S.I.E uses a variety of search filter options in Dealfront Target.

Query by Industry with Target

S.I.E searched for companies from various industries which use the keyword “Medical engineering” on their websites or other communication channels.

WZ Codes*: 72.11.0, 46.43.1 and more

Keyword: Medical engineering

*WZ Codes are the German industry codes and are comparable to the British SIC codes.

S.I.E uses the “Find similar companies” function to identify more competitors. To do this, S.I.E enters known competitors and Dealfront’s AI technology identifies companies that are similar to them based on website content.

Research and Client Acquisition

We talked about how the sales team’s at S.I.E was bogged down by time-consuming research. Thanks to Dealfront, the team has reduced the time spent on sales planning and new customer acquisition by 90%!

With the help of trigger events, knowing about recent company updates can be great conversation-starters. Thanks to Dealfront Connect, the time-consuming search for key financial numbers has finally come to an end. These figures can now be seen at a glance in clearly laid out company profiles provided by the Dealfront tool.

Company profile view in Dealfront Connect

Example of a company profile in Dealfront Connect

Another win for them is the automated company monitoring. Thanks to Dealfront Connect. S.I.E, has created company lists and now receives email alerts when there is news from one of these groups.

Company list in Dealfront

Example List View in Dealfront Connect

Dealfront is extremely easy to use – if you know how to google, you’ll also be able to use Dealfront. All the tools are very intuitive and deliver exactly the results we need.
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Sami Badawi

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication @ S.I.E

Summary: Dealfront all day, every day

For Sami Badawi and his team, one thing is certain: They’ll turn to Dealfront time and again. Instead of the time-consuming manual reports, they only have to spend 30 mins fine tuning the results from Dealfront’s tools. They’ve also been able to strengthen their relationships with customers using the deeper insights they’ve gained.

Let’s not forget about the quality of Dealfront’s data. This alone was enough to impress S.I.E with its scope and actuality within the D-A-CH region.

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