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How Skribble Improved LinkedIn Ads and New Customer Acquisition with Dealfront

Skribble Success Story
Having the opportunity to test Dealfront with a trial account was extremely useful. We were able to try out the tool and could immediately see the added value for us.
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Tim Reinermann

Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ Skribble

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What do employment contracts, purchase agreements and annual financial statements have in common? They all have to be signed. And that is exactly what Skribble offers with their digital and secure solution signature platform. Based in Switzerland, Skribble boasts clients like Datev, EasyJet, and Avis.

We talked to Tim Reinermann, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Skribble, where he shared how Dealfront helps not only with prospecting and sales, but also with their LinkedIn marketing activities.

The challenge: Better outreach using GDPR compliant data

How does Skribble’s sales team get address data quickly that’s also GDPR compliant? With their target markets being the insurance industry, business auditors, and digitalization departments, it was vital Skribble obtain high-quality B2B data. This had to include things like addresses, contact details, social media accounts and other relevant information. It was also important that the information was as comprehensive and current as possible.

Skribble initially had another provider, but unfortunately their data didn’t fulfill the legal requirements of B2B data security and wasn’t high quality enough. Through an article on the best sales intelligence tools, they came across Dealfront and wanted to test our solution.

Their focus wasn’t just on data depth and how up-to-date the information was, but they were after a solution that would feed them regularly with B2B data and was intuitive to use.

We’d previously been manually doing research for effective outreach which was of course, inefficient. This has now completely changed with Dealfront.
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Tim Reinermann

Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ Skribble

Because Skribble is an e-signing software provider for a variety of industries, they were looking for a tool to cover their range of use cases. This included covering use cases for insurance companies, auditors, municipal authorities, and companies with a “Go Digital” funding program.

The solution: High-quality data for sales and marketing

During their Dealfront trial, Skribble really put us under the microscope, paying special attention to our promise of data compliance. After being impressed with our performance in that area, they started really exploiting everything the tool could offer. The sales department could generate high-quality address lists for targeted outreach and marketing, could use the Dealfront data for LinkedIn ads.

With Dealfront, you can quickly and easily download LinkedIn profiles to import into your LinkedIn Campaign Manager. This allows us to target our LinkedIn ads more precisely.
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Tim Reinermann

Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ Skribble

Now let’s take a look at specific use cases to see how our GDPR-compliant data gave their sales team a boost in new customer acquisition.

Search for city council offices

Public authorities are one of the largest target groups needing digital solutions that comply with very high data protection standards. Skribble was looking for German government offices and city councils they could offer their software to.

Industry: Public Administration

Job title: Building owner, architect, head of IT, construction manager

Contact profile completeness: registered address

Region: DACH

Company size: 250-1500 employees

Validated: email addresses

Search Query in Target for city council offices
Using the criteria to perform a search in Target and the results in Dealfront

With these filter options, Skribble can now strategize the best outreach method or decide how run a special LinkedIn campaign for this target group.

Dealfront is the GDPR-compliant data provider for Skribble’s solution

One thing is for certain, both Dealfront and Skribble both agree that maintaining the highest data protection standards is crucial. No wonder that this collaboration is running so smoothly.

We’re thrilled that we can provide them with the exact B2B data they need for their acquisition and ads.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly tool that delivers high-quality results with just a few clicks, Dealfront is the right choice.
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Tim Reinermann

Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ Skribble

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