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How SuperOffice boosts B2B sales with Dealfront

SuperOffice Success Story Dealfront

What SuperOffice achieved with Dealfront:


reduction in research time


response to changing customer needs


engagement with prospective new customers

I am absolutely delighted with Dealfront! Their solution has brought our processes to the next level, and the impressive results speak for themselves. The exceptional value we gain from using Dealfront in our company is simply outstanding!
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Carsten Wiesner

Sales Director at SuperOffice GmbH


Founded in Norway in 1990, SuperOffice has consistently focused on enhancing CRM systems to bolster sales. Its solutions support customers in search, acquisition and support with a special focus on industries such as construction, mechanical engineering, energy and logistics.

Since 2017, SuperOffice Germany has been partnered with Dealfront and benefiting from several of our solutions for different use cases: Dealfront Target to find ICP companies and key decision-makers, Dealfront Connect as a company database for obtaining information about customers, and Leadfeeder from Dealfront for marketing. As a result, all teams at SuperOffice have access to high-quality, actionable insights that are fully GDPR-compliant.

We spoke with Carsten Wiesner, Sales Director at SuperOffice Germany, to learn more about how Dealfront is helping him and his teams to boost their performance.

The challenge: Beating the crowd to the right information

Like any B2B company, the success of SuperOffice hinges on how swiftly it can access the necessary information to secure new business. Some of the main challenges the company faced included questions like: How can we obtain B2B data about customers quickly and easily? How can we identify customers who are a perfect fit for our solutions? And how can our teams (sales, marketing, or customer service) leverage these insights to our maximum advantage?

The most obvious solution was also the most time-consuming: relying on their own research, customer websites, and press publications in industry publications to keep their database updated and to search for potential new customers. However, this approach required a significant amount of time and resources.

That’s why SuperOffice sought a way to reduce the workload by providing marketing, sales, and service teams with a tailor-made application for researching new prospects and managing relationships with existing customers.

The solution: Deep insights at the touch of a button with Dealfront

SuperOffice first learned about Dealfront a few years ago through a conversation with one of its customers. Sales, account management and marketing have been using Dealfront’s smart solutions for acquiring prospects and managing relations with existing customers for over seven years.

This partnership also led to the integration of Dealfront into the SuperOffice CRM suite, enabling their customers to also up-to-date, accurate B2B information.

360° company profiles and news alerts

Leadfeeder, Connect and Target supply SuperOffice Germany with high-quality B2B data: Dealfront reviews all publicly available information from online sources and makes it available to them.

Their account managers also receive news alerts and a daily email briefing with the latest news and updates on existing customers. The SuperOffice sales team uses the company profiles in Connect every day to retrieve up-to-date, tailored information about their customers and prospects, so they can create the perfect sales pitch every time.

But it's not just the sales pitches that are right on target. Thanks to Dealfront, SuperOffice also identifies key business contacts and decision-makers at target companies. This allows their sales team to engage the right person with a personalized pitch, all while fully complying with strict GDPR data protection regulations.

360° Company Profile in Dealfront

360° Company Profile in Dealfront

Wide range of trigger events for updates

Another feature that SuperOffice likes to use for its outreach are Dealfront’s signals, otherwise known as trigger events. This allows them to keep up the latest news on new and existing customers, so they can get in touch with a suitable offering. Examples of trigger events might include a company opening a new European office, changes in management or strong financial performance.

Best of all, trigger events allow SuperOffice to enhance customer relations while also tailoring their proposition when pitching to target companies.

Searching for trigger events in Target

Searching for trigger events in Target

Selecting target audiences and ICP

Target allows SuperOffice to precisely pinpoint companies that align with its Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and quickly reach out to them. Connect provides swift, actionable insights about potential customers. With these tools, SuperOffice no longer has to spend hours conducting customer research. Thanks to Dealfront, the SuperOffice team can now focus on what matters most; direct engagement with customers.

Time savings were crucial for us. With Dealfront’s support, our sales team can now zero in on what's truly important—engaging directly with our customers.
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Carsten Wiesner

Sales Director @ SuperOffice GmbH

Maximizing marketing success

Leadfeeder empowers the SuperOffice marketing team with detailed insights into which companies are visiting their website. The data shows exactly which content captivates both existing customers and potential leads, making it ideal for developing proactive engagement strategies. With Leadfeeder, the team precisely tracks which content on specific landing pages drives conversions and identifies areas for improvement, so they maximize their marketing efforts and fine-tune their digital strategy.

Company visit website example Leadfeeder

Example of a website visit shown in Leadfeeder

How SuperOffice customers benefit from Dealfront

SuperOffice isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of Dealfront—its customers are too! Integrated directly into the SuperOffice Store, the Dealfront app enhances the CRM experience by enabling users to access additional information about prospects with just one click, all within a single, unified tool.

Carsten Wiesner, Sales Director at SuperOffice, told us just how popular this feature has been: “Our customers love the convenience of pulling up detailed information on both prospects and existing clients directly within SuperOffice with a single click,” he says. They also benefit from accessing trigger events, equipping their teams with all the latest input they need to work efficiently while also complying fully with data protection standards.

In addition, the B2B data provided by Dealfront is automatically updated and readily accessible from anywhere throughout the SuperOffice clouds, ensuring users always have the most current information at their fingertips.

Dealfront Integration in SuperOffice

Key takeaways

  • 70% time savings: SuperOffice reduced research time by 70%, allowing teams to focus more on customer engagement.

  • Quick response: Dealfront's tools enable faster adaptation to changing customer needs, enhancing service and support.

  • Enhanced engagement: Better targeting of decision-makers with personalized pitches improves prospective customer interactions.

  • Integrated data: Dealfront provides high-quality, GDPR-compliant B2B data, seamlessly integrated into the SuperOffice CRM.

  • Marketing insights: Leadfeeder offers detailed insights on website visitors, helping SuperOffice refine digital strategies and maximize marketing success.

Enhancing sales efficiency with the right partner

The collaboration between SuperOffice and Dealfront has led to faster, more informed business operations. Dealfront’s innovative tools supply the company with more accurate information than they could have obtained through traditional online research. Now, SuperOffice is saving valuable time and resources which they can devote to enhancing customer acquisition and support.

This strategic advantage allows SuperOffice to excel at what it does best: offering a CRM platform that boosts efficiency across marketing, sales and service departments.

Thanks to its partnership with Dealfront, both SuperOffice and its customers enjoy access to a high-quality database, keeping them a step ahead of the competition.

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