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How TALENTLOTSEN Steers More Qualified Employees to Businesses

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What TALENTLOTSEN Achieved with Dealfront:


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We chose Dealfront because we recognize the added value. We can save time and the data quality is excellent. We don’t need any more reasons than that.
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Dennis Szimmetat

Head of Sales @ TALENTLOTSEN

Get to know the TALENTLOTSEN

The TALENTLOTSEN—or “talent navigators”—take their name literally. The young agency for human resources consulting from Hamburg places skilled workers within companies, relying on more than just active sourcing via social media. The company’s main focus is Recruiting As A Service and it specializes in the headhunting of suitable candidates. Their success at this speaks for itself!

TALENTLOTSEN looks for the best fit for both large companies and SMEs with staffing challenge, providing suitable candidates to fill vacant positions within 6-8 weeks.

Since the implementation of Dealfront, TALENTLOTSEN has gone even further: More sales calls, more negotiations, more turnover. All this thanks to the excellent quality data provided by our go-to-market platform. Let’s take a closer look at how exactly they achieved this in the following success story.

TALENTLOTSEN works with our cloud software in two specific sectors: new client acquisition and recruiting. We talked with Dennis Szimmetat, Head of Sales at TALENTLOTSEN, to discuss the challenges and their solutions.

The Challenge in Recruiting: Hidden Telephone Numbers

Recruiting isn’t easy and the hunt for talent is often ruthless. TALENTLOTSEN already experienced good results with the direct approach over social media platforms such as Xing or LinkedIn. But what can they do when an individual doesn’t have an account on a business network? Or, if the sector they’re looking in is so traditional that social networks don’t even play a role in recruitment? Often, professionals are flooded with enquiries on social media and don’t even reply anymore.

To counter this, the Hamburg-based company sought a solution that really covered all markets, sectors, and use cases. That way, they could seamlessly reach the professionals that their clients needed.

Fast-track headhunting with massive time savings

With our go-to-market platform, the TALENTLOTSEN were able to eliminate the difficulties they were experiencing in recruiting by finding suitable talent faster, better, and more easily. Their search for suitable candidates is no longer a time-consuming job, thanks to the right filters in our tools.

A huge advantage is that TALENTLOTSEN doesn't just find the most suitable candidates with Dealfront, but often finds direct contact information as well. If their telephone number, email address or social media account is publicly available online, then our crawlers can find that information, and TALENTLOTSEN can do exactly what it does best: Reach out directly to the potential candidate!

When headhunting, we want to reach out to the candidates directly, but can’t move forward without their social media accounts or telephone number. With Dealfront, we now have the right phone number at our fingertips and can get started right away.
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Dennis Szimmetat

Head of Sales @ TALENTLOTSEN

Better recruiting with Dealfront

Since introducing Dealfront as a data provider, TALENTLOTSEN has been able to reach those candidates that match their open positions more closely. They find out about the position including the contact details and can then acquire these details directly.

Search for construction managers

In this search query, TALENTLOTSEN searched for construction managers in the steel engineering sector around the Hamburg area. Not only the companies that have been found in the search query, but also the related contacts with this same job title are displayed here.

Area: within 25 miles of Hamburg

Job Title: Construction Manager

SIC Code: 25 (Production of metal products)

Job title search in Dealfront Target
Example query in Dealfront

The attached contact details allow TALENTLOTSEN to call the potential talent directly and inspire them about a vacancy.

The challenge in new customer acquisition: Poor company reachability

During B2B new client acquisition, TALENTLOTSEN had to often carry out complex searches for new prospects. This is because 90% of their sales are reliant on outbound sales, which they have to generate themselves. But how do you find suitable target clients who have a serious need for Recruiting as a Service and fit the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?

Without a filter function or other input, it was a challenging and resource-consuming task to find out how exactly a company is structured. The maintenance of accounts, details of interested parties, and sales opportunities in the CRM Salesforce took a lot of time. Before the introduction of Dealfront, it was tedious and a lot of hard work.

The solution for new client acquisition: find suitable companies easily

Thanks to Dealfront, the Hamburg-based team can now keep a look out for relevant target companies for their recruiting offers. In doing so, they can not only filter for companies in specific postal code areas for their respective sale representatives, but also for specific financial ratios, contact persons or job offers. To enable quick preparation, they receive all important information as well as current news on a company in one clear company file. TALENTLOTSEN describes the quality of the B2B data provided by Dealfront as “extremely valuable”.

Even the subsequent maintenance of this data in the CRM system Salesforce is simpler. Now the data records of relevant accounts are automatically transferred to Salesforce with the help of the CRM Connector.

Use Cases: Find Dream Customers with Dealfront Target

Dealfront is particularly suitable for the acquisition of new customers or for the search for exciting target companies that could benefit from TALENTLOTSEN’s recruiting services. With this, the agency is able to create targeted queries to find the companies that fit their target profile or correspond to their ICP exactly.

Query by Keywords

In a search query, TALENTLOTSEN can filter according to vacancies for candidates from the SaaS sector. This way, they can discover suitable tech companies that have an open vacancy for which they can directly find a candidate. Furthermore, they can also enter the region where the vacancies are.

Keywords on Website: SaaS

Department: Human Resources

Page available on website: Careers

Postal code: 4000-5999

Keyword search query on website in Dealfront
Example query in Dealfront

Query by Sector

With this search query, TALENTLOTSEN could easily search for companies within a certain sector that are eligible for their HR consultancy. With the right filters according to the SIC code, as well as the trigger event “job offer”, the Hamburg team receive a list of companies that are of high relevance to them.

SIC Code: 69, 70, 70.22

Exclude SIC code: 78

Sales trigger event: Job offer

Company size: 1-5000

Region: Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony

SIC Code Search in Dealfront
Example query in Dealfront

Get to know your ICP better with a similarity search

The ‘Find similar companies' function is another Dealfront feature that impressed TALENTLOTSEN. With this feature, they can pinpoint their ICP better and identify other companies that are relevant for them. In the ‘similar companies’ results, they were shown four companies that they were already in talks with or where deals were already happening.

How does the ‘Find similar companies’ feature work exactly? TALENTLOTSEN searched for a few, very good existing customers and let AI find similar companies based on those results. They ended up finding some very promising companies that would benefit from the TALENTLOTSEN services!

Company Research with Dealfront

Our Sales Intelligence Platform provided the Hamburg team with additional company and contact information. Here you can see all employees (including their position and department within a company), their direct telephone number, email address, and social media accounts. Another bonus is that the data in our tools is completely GDPR-compliant! That means TALENTLOTSEN always know they’re aligned with data privacy and security requirements.

All this also saved a huge chunk of time and effort! The agency gets information on the most important company financial information, as well as company size, industry, headquarters, current news, and lots more.

Company profile view in Dealfront Connect

Example of a company profile in Dealfront Connect

Aside from the use of Dealfront products, everything works well on a personal level, too. Dealfront is a cool company, with nice employees—the results speak for themselves.
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Dennis Szimmetat

Head of Sales @ TALENTLOTSEN

Accelerating client and talent acquisition with Sales Intelligence by Dealfront

Since the introduction of Dealfront, TALENTLOTSEN are not only getting in contact with suitable candidates more quickly, but data management in Salesforce is also a lot less time-intensive.

The data from Dealfront is quickly available, of high quality, and provides exactly the right contacts and information that the agency needs in order to be more successful.

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