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Elevate your product development by effortlessly converting IP addresses into real-time, accurate firmographic data, enabling the creation of powerful and impactful business solutions.
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IP Enrich API identifies anonymous website visits by taking both IPV4/IPV6 addresses and matching them to a company. The data returned from the API contains firmographic data like industry, location, company size, and more.

IP-Enrich HRe

Actionable buyer intent data for marketplaces

Monetize your existing marketplace traffic by empowering your customers to reveal which buyers are looking for their solutions in real time. Show them if their target companies are viewing their profile or researching competitors and become their partner in winning deals.

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Display targeted content for B2B publishers

Display the ads and targeted content on your publishing site to the right audience. Your visitors will benefit from relevant and valuable content, while your customers reach their audience with B2B ads with less wanted ad-spend. Double-win!

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Improved targeting and reporting for advertising platforms

Power your advertising platform with comprehensive account-level data. Deliver IP targeted account-based campaigns, while also showing your customers the companies interacting with their campaigns, to better demonstrate relevance and ROI.

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“During the first month of using Leadfeeder IP data, we have been able to target personalized content to seventeen times more site visitors than before. This is a tremendous improvement when compared with our previous results, and we anticipate that we will continue to achieve strong growth in the future.”
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Titta Nummi

Head of Brand and Customer marketing (B2B), DNA

Account-level data for chatbot vendors

Leveraging the company data, enrich your chatbot software to help your customers provide better experiences to their customers. Personalize their messages, customize the user journey, or even automatically assign the leads to specific teams.

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Build your own use case

Enrich any IP address in real-time to power data-driven decisions across your organization. Personalize your customer experiences, customize your ad campaigns, website, emails and more, prioritize leads and customize outreach by filling in the gaps in your sales leads.

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Match IP to company instantly

Fastest response time

Unmatched speed of 200ms API response time

Identify remote workers

Identify companies, even if employees are working remotely

Industry leading solution

Leverage the database that drives the category leading Leadfeeder product, trusted by 60.000 users

IPV4/IPV6 addresses

Query both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses to identify significantly more companies than with competitors’ solutions

Fast and stable

API with 100% uptime since 2021, distributed globally via Amazon Cloudfront

Daily updates

Access an accurate proprietary IP recognition database that updates daily

Pay for what you get

Pay only for the matched companies we identify

Truly compliant

Fully compliant with GDPR and other data privacy laws

Access Leadfeeder’s high-quality IP to company enrichment database