Information security at Dealfront

To demonstrate our commitment towards security, Dealfront has built its information security and privacy programs based on the highest security standards ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.
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Earning and maintaining customer trust is a top priority for Dealfront

In data-driven business, information security is a vital part of building and maintaining that trust.

Data Protection
Enterprise grade data encryption both in transit and at rest
Backups: Automated backups with defined RTO & RPO goals
Best practices backed with ISO 27701 certification
Data Processing Agreement based on Standard Contractual Clauses issued by the European Commission
Detailed privacy information available in our Privacy Center
Product Security
Infrastructure hosted in AWS within EU/EEA area, AWS Well-Architected framework followed
Secure Development practices: Formal policies and best practices conforming to highest security standard ISO 27001
Secure runtime: 24/7/365 monitoring with alerts. WAF, DDOS protection, IDS and IPS deployed
Secure Deployment: Automated testing in deployment, peer reviews
Separate environments for testing, staging and production. We don’t use personal data of our customers for testing purposes
Vulnerability management
Automated network and infrastructure vulnerability scanning
Private bug bounty program on HackerOne powered by ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities at scale
People security
Security awareness training at on-boarding and on an annual basis. Continuous phishing simulations, role-based further training and industry-leading materials offered for self-learning
All people working for Dealfront have signed an NDA
Strict access controls for all applications and data
Cyber insurance
Insurance for cyber security incidents. The policy covers data, crisis management and liability
Service availability
Public status page with subscribe possibility
Utilizing leading technologies for cloud security and infrastructure to keep our services running securely
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