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Identify anonymous companies visiting your website and automatically send them to your CRM for sales teams to convert.
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Discover new prospects and monitor existing customers

Leadfeeder tells you which companies are interested in your products, even if their employees are working from home. Discover exactly what they are looking for and engage with the right leads, at the right time, with a message that captures their interest.

Identify anonymous website traffic

Leadfeeder’s unique technology identifies the companies visiting your website based on their IP address, even if their employees are working from home. We have the highest company recognition rate on the market and process the buyer intent data in compliance to GDPR legislation.

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Discover buying intent

Confirm true buying intent by understanding what companies visiting your website are interested in. Use 50+ behavioral and firmographic filters to qualify the companies with the highest potential. Then share them directly with Sales.

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Connect with decision-makers

Determine the best person to contact from a company that visits your website. Search for decision-makers in a robust global database by filtering contacts based on job role, seniority, or location. Then reveal and export email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles to reach out and close the deal.

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Measure the True Impact 
of Your Ads

Discover every company engaging with your ads. Identify the exact keywords attracting target accounts. Track the non direct impact of your ads. Then use this information to optimize your campaigns ensuring maximum ROI.

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Sync with your CRM

Leadfeeder empowers Sales with the intel they need in the tools they use most. Our integrations are native and two-way. Integrate with all major CRM and marketing automation tools to automatically sync visit data with your tool stack.

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By using Leadfeeder for online lead generation we’ve increased the amount of qualified sales leads by 34%. We send website leads directly to our Pipedrive using Leadfeeder's Pipedrive integration.
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Steve Jackson

CEO @ Quru

Explore Leadfeeder add-ons

Run retargeting campaigns or enrich your B2B tools in real-time


Reach your ideal customers with B2B display ads. Target specific companies' IP addresses with programmatic display ads so they see your ads even if they are working remotely.

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Power your sales and marketing tools with Leadfeeder data. Use Connectors to enrich your B2B tools in real-time with firmographic data about your website traffic.

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Leadfeeder makes lead generation easy with:

Versatile filtering

Create powerful feeds like companies visiting your pricing page or an Adwords campaign. Automatically add these feeds into your CRM or share with sales teams.

Automatic lead scoring

Your hottest leads are automatically placed at the top of your lead list so you know where to focus your attention next.

Powerful contact insights

Leadfeeder offers access to a robust database of contacts. Now you can start a conversation with less effort.

Email marketing integrations

Uncover the individuals visiting your website from email marketing campaigns and what they are viewing so you can see who is interested and personalize your pitch to them.

Website forms tracking

Discover the visitors that have filled out forms on your website and display strong buying intent.

Real-time notifications

Get email or Slack alerts when specific companies visit your website. Follow up with perfect timing.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Don’t see your favorite tool listed? Use Zapier to automatically send Leadfeeder’ data to over 5,000 apps, including CRMs, spreadsheets, BI tools, and more.

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Create new deals directly from Leadfeeder


Populate your CRM with buyer intent data.


Connect your leads to your Salesforce accounts.


Get notified when a targeted company visits your website.


Send leads and website activity details to Zoho CRM

Microsoft Dynamics

See which companies visiting your website are already in your CRM.

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