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How to Choose the Best B2B Contact Database in 2024

How to choose best b2b contact database

In today’s vast marketplace, connecting with leads can feel like chasing shadows.

LinkedIn profiles are rarely updated and website contact details often go out of date. In fact, it has been estimated that 70% of the data you have in your CRM will become inaccurate annually, leading to your emails bouncing and phone calls going unanswered.

That’s why your business needs a B2B contact database—a regularly updated repository of contact details and data on all your potential leads.

But with so many B2B data providers on the market, where do you start?

We’ve researched 12 of the best B2B data platforms to help you choose the right one for your business. But before we get into it, let’s talk about B2B data.

What is a B2B contact database?

A B2B contact or B2B leads database is a list of contact details businesses use to reach leads.

Contact databases traditionally contain information like:

  • Addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Social media profiles

  • Company headcount

  • Financial details like revenue 

Your company can compile B2B contact data through networking and research efforts. 

But for modern businesses, succeeding in today’s fast-paced, hyper-personalized marketplace requires a more comprehensive solution. 

B2B database providers offer that solution. Tools like Dealfront offer extensive B2B lead lists containing both contact details and additional data, such as:

  • Historic data: This might include a company’s previous interactions with you. For example, a business might have signed up for an email newsletter, trialed your products, emailed your team with inquiries, or even made a purchase. Having this data on hand allows your sales and marketing teams to score B2B sales leads and develop deeper relationships with potential clients.

  • Deep insights: B2B data, such as behavioral, technographic, psychographic, and firmographic data, allows you to better understand your leads. This gives your sales and marketing teams a way to personalize outreach based on a company’s budget, ethics, past behavior, culture, location, and specific pain points. It also provides a way to analyze patterns and trends that indicate conversion likelihood. 

  • A company’s key decision-makers: It’s one thing to know who to contact; you also need to know details like their phone numbers, email, and social media accounts. This data helps you reach out to the right people through the most effective channels.

Sounds like a handy tool, right? So how do they work?

A B2B sales leads database scrapes publicly available data from across the web—from LinkedIn profiles and company websites to Google business data and beyond. The provider can also purchase datasets of relevant B2B contacts from third-party data collection companies.

It compiles all of this data into a single source, cleaning and categorizing it via human input or machine learning algorithms—or a mix of both.

The data is then uploaded to the provider’s platform so you, the end user, can search it to find the best leads.

B2B data providers often create integrations with your other business-essential tools, like CRM (customer relationship management) software. This ensures that your sales and marketing teams can work seamlessly together to generate and reach leads.

How important is it to use a B2B contact database for leads?

So how important are B2B databases? And, do you really need a B2B data provider or can you go about things manually?

Every business has its unique needs and budget restraints. But, a good B2B contact database provider has a lot of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Providers do all the work for you, collecting and sorting messy data from around the web and accessing third-party data that is often expensive.

  • Your sales and marketing teams have a single B2B company list to pull contact details from.

  • B2B data providers update and verify contact information for you, saving you time from bounced emails and dead phone lines.

  • The information in a B2B sales leads database is searchable, with customizable filters to drill down to the leads most likely to convert.

  • B2B data providers can find and highlight key decision-makers in a company.

  • Comprehensive lists allow you to learn more about your leads, letting you create hyper-personalized outreach that addresses them and their pain points.

  • You can focus your efforts on the leads most likely to convert and reach the right decision-makers with the right sales strategies.

B2B contact databases can generate more revenue for your business by automating the busy work and helping your sales and marketing teams focus on the most qualified leads.

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The best B2B content database providers in 2024

Most businesses don’t exclusively use one B2B data provider. It’s common for companies to use multiple databases across various platforms.

But with countless options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Let’s look at the best B2B data lists on the market today and what they have to offer.

1. Dealfront

Dealfront is a leading B2B data platform for sales and marketing teams. 

Our B2B contact database offers extensive and fully compliant global data processed and stored on servers in the EU. This means that all our data, as well as your own, is protected by the robust European data use framework, which includes GDPR.

The Dealfront platform is built by experts and combines a suite of SaaS tools that will help you generate, segment, score, and convert the most advantageous leads around the world.


  • 100+ search filters to find high-quality prospects

  • Extensive integrations with your existing tech stack, including HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce

  • Browser extensions for capturing data directly from a lead’s website or social media

  • Ongoing verification of contact details


  • Tailored packages to suit every business and budget

Identify and land your dream customers

Find the right prospects, accelerate your sales pipeline, and land your ideal customers even faster.

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2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator utilizes LinkedIn’s vast and long-established network of connections and resources to power its B2B contact database. 


  • Key decision-maker alerts

  • Relationship mapping tools

  • Tailored lead suggestions 


  • Contacting anyone you’re not connected with on LinkedIn costs InMail credits, of which you get a limited amount per month. You’ll need to purchase additional credits.

  • Users report the platform has a steep learning curve


  • Core: $99/month or save 20% with $959.88/year

  • Advanced: $149/month or save 20% with $1,300/year

  • Advanced Plus: Annual only starting at $1600/year and offering tailored pricing depending on needs

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is one of the largest B2B data providers on the market, with a B2B companies list that boasts 70 million direct dial phone numbers and 174 million verified email addresses.


  • Advanced search filters

  • Professional profiles for key decision-makers

  • Data cleanup


  • High learning curve

  • Unintuitive user interface

  • Reports of frequent data inaccuracies

  • Users report this is one of the most expensive B2B data providers on the market


  • Contact for bespoke packages

4. Cognism

Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that provides email and phone contact details for B2B businesses. It’s best suited for larger enterprises with 200+ employees.

Cognism is all about verifying contact details, giving you better outcomes when generating and nurturing leads.  

In fact, its website claims to be able to get you 3x more live conversations with leads than “you-know-who”—which we think is a bit shady, but we’re here for it.


  • Excellent global coverage for wider market reach

  • Phone-verified contact numbers

  • Email validation

  • Large data sets with lots of search features


  • Expensive compared to some B2B data providers

  • Some users report struggling to integrate with Salesforce


  • Pricing is tailored to individual business needs, so you’ll need to contact Cognism

5. Lusha

Lusha is a great B2B contact database provider for smaller budgets, with plans starting from free and increasing to tailored enterprise solutions. 


  • Advanced search filters

  • Direct dials to key decision-makers

  • Browser extensions

  • Access to Lusha APIs


  • Users report a higher-than-average frequency of inaccurate contact details

  • Hidden search limit isn’t clearly stated up front


  • Free plan

  • Pro: $36/user/month

  • Premium: $59/user/month

  • Scale: contact provider for custom plans

6. UpLead

Uplead is a B2B lead generation platform that boasts a 95% data accuracy guarantee. Its database allows access to over 16 million company profiles and 155 million companies.


  • User-friendly interface with low barrier to entry

  • Full access to APIs for custom integrations

  • Real-time email verification

  • 24/7 support


  • Some hidden fees for email verification and extra users


  • Free 7-day trial

  • Essentials: $99/month

  • Plus: $199/month

7. Clearbit

Created by HubSpot, Clearbit is a B2B lead database provider that brings all of HubSpot’s hard-earned sales and marketing clout to the table. 


  • Utilizes AI to gather and verify contact details, as well as continuously enriching data to improve lead quality

  • Contains powerful tools for intent data, such as Clearbit Reveal, which flags company IP addresses that visit your website


  • Users report a lack of customer support

  • Unclear subscription and pricing models


  • Contact to find out more

8. RocketReach

RocketReach offers an extensive database of B2B contact data, boasting “the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and phone numbers” and 90-98% email deliverability.

With access to 700 million profiles across 60 million companies, it’s easy to see why RocketReach is such a popular B2B database platform.


  • AI-powered data enrichment and prospecting recommendations

  • A host of integrations and API access to customize your own

  • Advanced search functionality 

  • Lots of pricing tiers to suit every need and budget, including a free plan


  • Despite the company’s claims, many users report a lack of data accuracy, especially regarding missing or out-of-date email addresses


  • Free for 5 look-ups a month

  • Essentials: $39/month (includes email only)

  • Pro: $99/month

  • Ultimate: $250/month

  • Team Pro: $83/user/month for 2-5 users

  • Team Ultimate: $210/user/month for 2-5 users

  • Custom: contact RocketReach for more flexible options

9. Adapt

Adapt offers access to more than 200 million contact profiles, all searchable with advanced filters and verified by Adapt’s lead intelligence platform.

It focuses on helping you find key decision-makers in a company and tailoring hyper-personalized outreach to them. 


  • Browser extensions

  • API access

  • Ongoing data enrichment


  • Limited third-party integrations

  • Users report a lack of customization when it comes to search filters and reports


  • For a sign-up, Adapt will let you conduct 20 free email searches a month

  • Contact for flexible pricing models

10. claims to have verified a whopping 1.9 billion contacts as of 2023. The platform utilizes AI to create and verify databases and help businesses contact leads with personalized outreach.


  • AI-powered copywriting to streamline and personalize high levels of outreach

  • AI-powered real-time data verification

  • LinkedIn and browser extensions

  • Buyer intent data


  • Users report increasing data inaccuracies over time

  • Limited search filters and functionality

  • Unintuitive user interface


  • Free tier with some solid features

  • Contact for Basic, Pro, and Enterprise tiers

11. Kaspr

Kaspr is owned by Cognism as of 2022, but each platform offers something quite different.

In Cognism’s own words: “The Cognism platform was built to support revenue teams to achieve their target, while Kaspr mainly supports individual contributors working in sales or recruitment.”

So, think of Kaspr like a lightweight version of Cognism. They pull from similar databases, but Kaspr is more budget-friendly, hence suitable for smaller operations.


  • Credit rollover on paid plans

  • Reasonable pricing, including a free plan

  • Uses the same datasets as Cognism

  • LinkedIn and browser extensions


  • Users report unpredictable credit usage that leads to additional costs and difficulty budgeting

  • Limited integrations and features

  • Data inaccuracies 


  • Free

  • Starter: $49/user/month

  • Business: $79/user/month

  • Organization: $99/user/month

12. Ampliz Salesbuddy

Ampliz Salesbuddy is a lightweight contact finder tool that offers simplicity on a budget. 

That doesn’t mean Ampliz isn’t robust, though. The company boasts a global database of 400 million contacts and nine million companies.


  • Dedicated healthcare B2B database solutions

  • Over 100 search filters

  • Heavy focus on growing databases in the Asia-Pacific market, which is quite unique for B2B data providers


  • The simple pricing model (free, monthly, and yearly) has its benefits but leaves less room for flexibility


  • Free

  • Monthly: $50/month

  • Yearly: $480/year

How to choose the best B2B leads database provider for your business

When choosing your B2B contact database provider, it’s important to consider a few things. Let’s explore the most critical factors that will help you make a decision.

  • Database size and quality: If you’re paying for a service, you need to know it’s worth it. To assess a provider’s database, look at how many companies and individual contact profiles they list. It’s not just about quantity, though. Data quality is vital to streamlining your lead generation and outreach. For example, Dealfront has the largest B2B database in Europe, with over 40 million companies and 180 million contacts sourced from local registers in multiple languages.

  • Country coverage: Make sure the database provider you’re considering contains data from the areas you wish to market in. For example, few providers focus exclusively on European markets, making Dealfront a lead generation pioneer in the region, while other platforms like Ampliz Salesbuddy are ideal for those targeting Asian markets.

  • Update frequency: Databases with high levels of out-of-date or missing data will cost you time and money. Look for B2B data providers that regularly update and verify their databases. At Dealfront, we regularly verify all of our data to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date contact details.

  • Features and filtering: Every B2B contact list uses a different platform. Some work like software; some load in your web browser; and some utilize browser extensions. Check in with the needs of your sales and marketing teams to understand which features and search filters you need to look for. Also keep in mind that some B2B data services have a steep learning curve, so if your team isn’t tech-savvy, look for a smooth user interface and low barrier to entry. Dealfront offers an all-in-one software solution as well as browser extensions for prospecting on the go.

  • Integration and ease of use: B2B data services need to integrate with your existing tech stack, either natively or by utilizing APIs to create custom integrations. Without these integrations, your sales and marketing teams will waste time and energy transferring information and workloads between different programs and databases. Dealfront offers integrations with the most commonly used sales and marketing platforms. If you don’t see an integration listed on our website, you can use Zapier to seamlessly create your one with your favorite tech tools.

  • Compliance and security: B2B databases contain personal data, including names and contact information, about business leads. This makes them subject to high levels of privacy and security scrutiny, however, data protection regulations can vary greatly between countries. This means that you have to be careful when choosing a platform to ensure your business remains compliant and avoids legal trouble. For the EU, the relevant data protection legislation is governed by the GDPR. Built in Europe, Dealfront understands and prioritizes true compliance and the highest data privacy standards. Instead of looking for GDPR loopholes, we focus on providing complete transparency for our data sources, which are chiefly official trade registers, with enrichment from public web data and directories. This means that you can confidently explain to your prospects which public source you got their contact details from instead of ruining your relationship with a prospect before it has even begun. We believe in true transparency, privacy, and compliance, and we are proud to help our users uphold these strong values as well.

  • Customer support: Paying B2B database providers means getting good customer service when things go wrong. You can’t always trust a company’s own words about the quality of their support, though, so read reviews and customer testimonials to find the truth.  If you’re uncertain of anything involving Dealfront, we have a comprehensive help center with countless articles written by our experts as well as a dedicated customer support team contactable by email and telephone.

  • Cost: Costs vary greatly in this industry. Many providers state prices up-front, while others require you to contact them. Costs are often flexible, with different tiers and features available to suit unique budgets and needs. Look for price tiers that reflect your requirements, potential return on investment, and the quality and size of the database you’re gaining access to. Don’t be afraid to utilize free trials or freemium models to try before you buy. Book a demo with Dealfront to explore our features, and we’ll tailor a pricing model to suit your needs and budget.

Discover exceptional B2B contact data with Dealfront

Lead generation can feel like an uphill battle. 

It’s hard enough to identify companies that need your product, but identifying key decision-makers, learning more about their needs, finding the best ways to contact them, and actually starting a conversation can feel like banging your head against a wall.

Dealfront can save you the headache. 

We’re an all-in-one contact database solution for generating, verifying, contacting, and converting B2B leads in Europe. Our B2B database contains company, contact, financial, news, IP, and intent data, all gathered from verified sources that comply with GDPR regulations.

We’ll help you find and target your outreach to key decision-makers in companies that need your products, improving your conversion rates and growing your revenue.

Find key decision-makers in companies with one click

Access compliant contact information for the right decision-makers and reach out equipped with detailed insights.

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Find key decision-makers in companies