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How Enterprise Health Achieved Increased Brand Visibility with the Dealfront Platform

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What Enterprise Health Achieved with Dealfront:


ad viewed to website visited conversion rate

0.33% CTR

on one campaign, with an average CTR of 0.20%

eCPC of $3.67

drove cost efficiencies and eCPM of $6.18

It was hugely encouraging to see the conversion rate on the campaigns. 70% of target companies that saw a Promote ad converted into a website visit. This supports our ABM strategy by driving our most desirable prospects further down the funnel.

Mary Gage

Digital Marketing Specialist @ Enterprise Health

Get to Know Enterprise Health

Based in the American midwest, Enterprise Health offers the most comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) on the market for large employers, health systems and government agencies. Their almost three decades of clinical information experience has shaped the extensive features and functionality available today.

Built from the ground up, with a key focus on interoperability, Enterprise Health is the only solution which combines occupational health, compliance and employee engagement on an ONC-ACB certified EHR. This delivers easily accessible and actionable employee health information in one IT platform.

Enterprise Health’s vision is to help their clients achieve a healthier future, through both better employee health and better business health. Their cloud-based solution supports millions of employees in over 50 countries globally and has been translated into nearly a dozen languages.

We’ve always had a great experience with Dealfront and were curious to find out how Promote could support our ABM objectives and integrate into our display advertising tech stack. We were very impressed!
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Mary Gage

Digital Marketing Specialist @ Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health has been successfully using Leadfeeder by Dealfront for their web visitor identification needs for years. More recently they’ve explored our new B2B display advertising tool, Promote.

The Challenge: Accurately Reach Target Companies through Display Advertising

The small but mighty marketing team of four at Enterprise Health is responsible for driving web traffic, customer acquisition and lead conversion. Digital Marketing Specialist, Mary Gage, leads the strategic development and management of testing digital marketing initiatives to achieve their objectives.

The team was looking to start Account Based Marketing (ABM) just as Promote was being launched by Dealfront. They wanted a solution for running highly targeted brand awareness campaigns, which is exactly what Promote offers. Perfect timing!

Enterprise Health was curious to find out if Promote would make a good addition to its tech stack, or could even be a replacement for existing tools. Tasked with executing campaigns in line with quarterly and annual targets, they needed a solution which they could test and compare to their existing tools, specifically around performance and budget usage.

The Solution: Dealfront provides Enterprise Health with increased share of voice

The different tools and features within the Dealfront platform gave Enterprise Health a way to confidently increase their brand visibility. The team was able to use Promote to target not only known accounts, but also new prospects they discovered through Target Basic.

Audience targeting

Promote offers multiple different ways to pick a target audience. To fully test out the capability of the platform, Enterprise Health experimented with both of these.

Option 1: List upload

To execute its ABM strategy, the marketing team extracted a target list of companies from their CRM tool, and uploaded this to Dealfront. These were a refined set of prospective companies they were keen to concentrate their efforts on.

Company lists in Leadfeeder

Dealfront’s list upload function enabled Enterprise Health to build a campaign around only their chosen audience. By knowing their audience in detail, they could perfectly customize their campaign assets, including graphics, copy and call to action, to best appeal to these companies.

Option 2: Database search

As a US-based company, Enterprise Health has access to Dealfront’s Target Basic, a sales intelligence tool containing millions of companies and contacts.

Using the many search filters available, Enterprise Health built further prospect lists using Dealfront, adding companies which weren’t in their CRM, but that matched their ideal customer profile. This enabled the team to expand its audience reach in minutes.

User-friendly system

Enterprise Health found the Promote tool super easy to use. With a cleverly designed workflow, the team only had to follow a few steps to add their audience, upload their ads, define their budget and hit Start. The 3-step process really is that simple.

Upload ads in Promote

Transparent reporting

The transparency of reporting in the Promote tool really stood out to Enterprise Health. Promote’s company-level tracking is a key differentiating feature, enabling users to see their metrics from both a company and ad level.

The single screen report provided insightful metrics at a glance that allowed the busy team to easily monitor the campaigns throughout their life cycles.

Transparent reporting in Promote in campaign overview

Mary Gage commented, “We’ve never had this transparency so easily before.” By being able to see exactly which company had clicked on an ad, the ABM process could run even smoother. The team could see which company had shown interest and follow up in a more timely manner.

Promote’s reporting dashboard made it clear for Enterprise Health to see the value of the tool in just a few test campaigns. They were able to compare clicks, clickthrough rates and their spending.

Key statistics from 6 test campaigns:

  • 70% of target companies exposed to a Promote ad converted into a website visit

  • The average click through rate (CTR) across all campaigns was an impressive 0.20%, with one campaign achieving a 0.33% CTR

  • Both the average eCPC and eCPM drove cost efficiency, at $3.67 and $6.18 respectively

I really feel like Promote does a great job with reporting, both whilst the campaign is running and once finished. We were able to see that Promote delivered a higher percentage of impressions, which reached a more engaged audience, by 0.2% versus a competitor.
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Mary Gage

Digital Marketing Specialist @ Enterprise Health

Dealfront: A user-friendly solution that gets results

Dealfront’s Promote delivered a great result for Enterprise Health, driving a higher share of voice than a competitor’s solution. The marketing team saw Promote achieve a greater percentage of impressions and a more engaged audience by 0.2%. They can now run future campaigns confident in Dealfront’s capabilities around raising brand awareness and supporting their ABM goals.

In their own words, Enterprise Health described Promote as: Easy to Use, User Friendly, Gets Results.

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