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How a FinTech Company Successfully Entered the DACH Market with Dealfront

Financial services success story Dealfront

What the company achieved with Dealfront


entered the DACH market


less time spent on sales research per week


high-quality B2B leads per month

We tested many data brokers before, but Dealfront clearly stood out in terms of data quantity and quality. We can proceed with our expansion to Germany and Austria because Dealfront gives us all the information we need.

Get to know the company

The Dutch-based FinTech company is well-known in the Benelux countries as THE FinTech Startup for e-commerce. Their goal? To provide businesses with the online payment solution they were searching for: cloud-based and flexible, without any hassle or long-term binding contracts.

With countries to the west of Germany already convinced by their offering, the Dutch Payment Service Provider (PSP) was just starting out in Germany and Austria. While doing so, they were accompanied by Dealfront, providing them with high-quality B2B leads for the DACH area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Dealfront’s Target supported them in finding the very agencies and enterprises they were searching for. It was especially exciting to join them for their market entry in Germany and Austria, and to guide them straight to the best business contacts to help further them along their journey.

How did that work? Let’s dive right in!

The challenge: Deep diving into the DACH market

Thanks to its economic power and premium international reputation, the DACH market has great potential for companies. But how does one succeed in entering this market?

As always, you need information before starting a new project. But where do you start and finish? Plus: doing research manually often takes too much time and doesn’t provide you with the answers.

The Payment Service Provider (PSP) also faced this challenge with their expansion into the DACH market. What they needed was a comprehensive overview of their target audience, market knowledge and relevant target companies, including contact details of decision-makers. One thing was very clear: They needed a reliable data provider!

The solution: Enter German-speaking markets smoothly with Dealfront

After intense research, in which the PSP compared various providers on data quality, pricing and communication, they concluded they needed a partner that provides high-quality B2B company data and insights into DACH. Furthermore, they were looking for more than a data provider – they wanted a high-quality and personalized service as well.

With Dealfront, the FinTech company found a data provider that delivers seamless and dynamic B2B data for the German-speaking markets. We not only offer them extensive data, but customer centricity is what we’re all about.

Our goal was to understand the company's needs and be a reliable partner right from the beginning – with friendly service included.

From the start, our Sales Intelligence solution supplied them with relevant information about companies in the DACH market. The fact that Dealfront’s crawlers also took care of finding the right contacts facilitated their market entry even more. For their next step, they want to enter the Swiss market.

Discover new partnerships – Finding agencies with certificates

The PSP uses Dealfront mostly for strategic management, to obtain a comprehensive market overview. Once they have this, they then filter for their target audience – in this case agencies they can partner with. Companies with a Magento certificate are especially interesting for the Dutch PSP, as these agencies can recommend them to clients as a payment solution during implementation.

Initially, the Dutch PSP did not aim to find agencies with a Magento certificate. They wanted to use Dealfront for new customer acquisition in the DACH market, but they quickly recognized the broader potential of Dealfront.

Query by Keywords

In their query, the PSP was searching for German and Austrian companies with the keyword “Magento certification” on their website. Using Target, they then reached out to these companies about partnership. The company's preferred outreach method was writing individual letters containing vouchers.

Countries: Germany, Austria

Keyword: “Magento certification” ~10

Lead generation at the touch of a button – Filter by companies that use competitors

A second area for the PSP is B2B lead generation. They used Dealfront to generate 300-500 highly relevant leads per month. These B2B leads serve as the basis for their new customer acquisition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How do they generate these leads? As an example, they use Target to discover companies that are currently using their competitors.

Query by Tools and Technologies

This is a solid basis for the Dutch company to start and reach out to companies that rely on Klarna, Billpay or Billsafe. With the help of the interactive map, they had the option to filter for a certain region or, in a later step, by company size. Depending on the sales structure or sales strategy, the PSP can uncover an ultra targeted selection of companies with competitors in the field.

Countries: Germany, Austria

Tools & Technologies: Klarna, Billpay, Billsafe

The benefit: Different queries to test data quality in advance

Dealfront offers the company the possibility to filter for their target audience and design individual queries. This ensures the coverage of a variety of use cases, enabling them to recognize if companies are relevant. In comparison to other data providers, the PSP can evaluate the data quality in our cloud software before downloading lead lists from Target.

The data Dealfront delivers is extremely diverse and exactly right for the DACH region.

The Sales Intelligence solution from Dealfront is able to cover a variety of the PSP’s use cases and they can test as many filters as they want in order to get the most relevant data, the best leads and contacts. For the Dutch company, it was very important to be able to hand over 300-500 high-quality leads per month to their sales team and reach out on a decision-maker level.

High-quality data is one thing. But how about customer service? They appreciated the warm atmosphere as well as the accessibility to our customer development teams whenever questions arose!

Our relationship with the Dealfront team is great – it’s a give and take! I can always reach out for questions or a quick chat, which is a big plus!

We wish them all the best on their mission to revolutionize online payments and are happy to support them in achieving their goal!

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