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Dealfront + ZOHO

Create, manage and enhance your sales opportunities with the most accurate, up-to-date and truly compliant B2B data for Europe.
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What is ZOHO?

ZOHO is a CRM that manages sales, marketing and support in one platform. It acts as a single repository to bring sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline process, policy, and people in one platform.

What can I do with the integration?

By integrating Pipedrive into Dealfront, you can:

  • Send companies, deals, and activity details from the Dealfront Platform directly into ZOHO.

  • Focus on the right leads, instantly discovering buying intent from the companies from your CRM.

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Combining two powerful platforms

With Dealfront's integration with ZOHO, you can unlock a world of possibilities by automating the creation of companies and contacts in your CRM with up-to-date data.

Find new opportunities

Connect opportunities directly from Dealfront to ZOHO:

Discover new leads from website visits and add them to ZOHO.

Reveal contacts of decision makers of companies that visited your website and add them to your CRM.

Stay on top of opportunities

Always have the latest data about your target companies:

Understand lead's behavior on your website.

Access updated company and contact data.

Reach the right audience

Know exactly when to re-engage with leads:

Use predefined lists to advertise to open opportunities or connected leads.

Get notified when companies already in your CRM pipeline visit your website.

Effortlessly manage and assign opportunities

Use powerful automations so you can focus on the business:

Create deals, assign an owner and set a pipeline stage in ZOHO.

Create activities for deal owners and set due dates for completion to keep your team on track.

An essential tool for all B2B sales and marketing professionals. The setup and integration is straightforward. It took no time to get up and running. Our CSM helped us with our first custom feeds based on the challenges we faced. Data is clean and integrates nicely with our CRM. There are no real downsides. I’ve used the product at previous businesses and love the way the product keeps innovating.
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Alex Olley

Co-Founder @ Reachdesk

How to get started

Step 1

Log in or sign up for Dealfront

Step 2

Add the ZOHO integration.

Step 3

Start leveraging ZOHO + Dealfront integration.

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